Favorite Latin Quotes

Not sure if this is exactly the right spot to post, but I find a few of the Church’s Latin phrases to be particularly significant for my spiritual journey, as well as the intellectual one which was part of my coming home. Some of these quotes embody key ideas that were instrumental in my reversion or guide me in my daily walk with Christ. I’m curious what some of yours are.

Fides et Ratio (Faith and Reason)
Ora et Labora (Pray and Work)
Totus Tuus (Totally Thine)
Concede parum, nega frequenter, distingue semper (Never deny, rarely affirm, always distinguish)
“Quid est veritas?” (What is truth?)
“Ecce homo” (Behold the man)


Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

“Through my fault, through my fault, through my most grevious fault.”

Helps me to remember the gravity of my sins.


Oooo, how could I forget that one!

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Hoc Est Enim Corpus Meum.


Sanctus, Sanctus!
Pater Noster
Ave Maria

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Dies Irae, Dies Illa. Solvet saeclum in favilla.

In all it’s many flavors from Mozart through Verdi.

Have I mentioned that I’m not a terribly happy person?

Semper Fidelis.


Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabris, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam.


Feles mala! Cur cista non uteris? Stramentum novum in ea pousi.

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Utinam logica falsa tuam philosophiam totam suffodiant.

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De gustibus non est disputandum.

Concerning tastes there is no dispute.

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odi me

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A favourite of my dear late father - the motto of the RAF adopted by the RCAF (and other Commonwealth air forces)
Per ardua ad astra = Through adversity to the stars

Two from our Catholic faith:

Lex Orandi Lex Credendi

Quantum Potes Tantum Aude . (St. Thomas Aquinas)

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I say old chap, what the devils gotten into you? Perhaps a soothing cup of Chamomile tea will set you right again.

It was just a joke. I wondered how many people would know what it meant!

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I thought as much.

(Though my pride detests this confession, I must say I had to research it a bit.) Latin is interesting, but I can’t say I’ve had a need for it as yet. Anyone who loves language and science really ought to learn it though. Some day. Some day.

P.S. I think you may have the Grand Teton on your profile page. I shall not translate this proper name at the moment, though most can guess. :slight_smile:

I like to pretend it is the nearby Mt. Moran.

Is it Mount Moran? I must look again.

Oh bother, someone has gone and moved this mountain, I fear. It looks like a theft.

I restored it.

It has definitely been stolen. I should report it if I were you.

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