Favorite Lost moments

Lost is finally over this sunday, So I thought we needed to reminisce (Man, that is such a hard word to spell)
So what were your favorite Lost moments?
Here are some of mine:
--After Ben manipulates him into performing surgery on him, Jack suddenly takes charge in the middle of the operation, knocking out the henchman next to him and holding Ben's life for ransom so that Kate and Sawyer can escape.
Later on, when Jack punches Ben in the face.
--When Sayid snapped a bad guy's neck with his feet. While tied up, I might add. For a "knight templar" he was pretty awesome.
--Charlie's dying message to Desmond. Actually, that whole episode was a great way to send off the character. I'll admit I wasn't the biggest Charlie fan, but that episode made me hate to see him go.
--When Sun told her awful father she'd bought herself control of his company! Way to go, Sun!
--Sawyer killing Locke's dad and saying "Sawyer's my name too."
--When Locke blew up the hatch
--Heck, when he blew up the sub! (this was my reaction: )

So what about the rest of you Lost fans out there?

My favorite moment was at the end of Season 3 when you thought Kate and Jack were in a flashback and then it turned out to be a flashforward.

I loved it when Sawyer jumped out of the helicopter to save the other six at the end of Season 4.

I loved it when Lapidus and Miles turned up alive in the Last Episode.

The most shocking LOST moment for me was the season two finale, when in Desmond's flashback, he saw the Swan exploding and typed in the Numbers at the last second. Then, in the present with Locke at the Pearl, he finds the date on the graphs to be the same day the Oceanic Flight crashed. Desmond turns and says, "I think I'm the one who crashed your plane."


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