Favorite movies that demonstrate good real catholic/Christian values

A while back there was a thread about what your favorite Catholic movies were.
I’d like to ask a slightly different question.
What are some of your favorite movies that demonstrate good real catholic/Christian values? These can be the entire plot of the movie, or a particular character or even just some quotes from the movie.
As an example, I have always loved the Movie “Harvey” with Jimmy Stewart. His character is an alcoholic, but is so gentle and overall loving that one can see the pure Christian there. Some great quotes too. For instance, “In this life you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant. I tried being smart, I recommend pleasant.” Another great quote goes, “Well I struggled with reality for 35 years doctor and I’m happy to say I finally won out over it.” There are so many wonderful scenes and lines that I couldn’t remember them all, but the Character of Elwood P. Dowd is just so genuinely Christian that I can’t help thinking we should all try to emulate it a bit, (except for the drinking of course).

Another movie is called “You can’t take it with you”, which happens to be another Jimmy Stewart Movie. The family of characters built around Lionel Barrymore live as, “Lilies of the Field” relying on God to take care of them. I love how he says grace, “Well, Sir, here we are again. We’ve been getting along pretty good for quite a while now - we’re certainly much obliged. Remember all we ask is just to go along the way we are, keep our health; as far as anything else is concerned, we leave that up to you. Thank you.
Can anyone think of a finer way to say Grace than that???

Anyway – you get the idea.

Oh yea one more – A movie called LadyHawke. The main character has some wonderful conversations with God. In one case He had just previously promised God that he would never pick another pocket as long as he lived, but then almost immediately after, he does. His response goes, “I know I promised, Lord, never again. But I also know that YOU know what a weak-willed person I am.” Maybe not the most “Christian” response, but wonderful just the same.

So how about it. Anyone else have movies, not expressly catholic or even Christian, that had storylines, or characters or lines that struck you as “Most Christian” in nature?


Shenandoah - Jimmy Stewart’s portrayal of Charlie Anderson, was one of the greatest movie fathers of all time.

To Kill a Mockingbird

It’s not a movie, but how about The Cosby Show?

Forrest Gump

Pixar movies are generally good in that regard.

On the Waterfront; a very good protrayal of a priest (Karl Malden)
Romero; an inspiring true story of a South American biship


Well, for a change, I would go for the movie ‘Volcano’ that stars Tommy Lee Jones. There is a scene where a character saves the driver of a train. As he carries the driver, he recites the ‘Hail Mary’. In the end, the character dies, but the driver is saved. The movie has a lot of good scenes as well.

Another is the horror movie ‘Bless the Child’ where the child tells a vagrant that God loves him, and hands him a rosary. Then there is a scene where a group of sisters pray for a mother (Kim Basinger) and her daughter. God then sends His angels to help them. Intercessory prayers work;)… It has many good scenes too.


Return to Me with David Duchovny and Minnie Driver has some great representations of Catholic families as her grandparents are Irish Catholic and Italian Catholic, Bonnie Hunt is in the movie too (actually, maybe even directed it).

(Easily the “cleanest” role Duchovny has ever played.)

A Walk to Remember comes to find:pluggedinonline.com/movies/movies/a0000429.cfm

I thought the priest was a little weird, but overall, the movie Gran Turino was great.

In today’s culture?

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