Favorite Musical Period?


Mine is the baroque. Especially the Frenchs’ and Italians’.


I’d say about 1965 to 1989


Depends on my mood.


This is a very western centric question. I guess it’s when bill Monroe had earl scruggs in his band. So 1945-1946


I’d say 1957 up to the advent of “punk” rock (circa 1975??) 60 to 69 may have been the best. I still say rock n’ roll died with Jim Morrison.


Anything classical from 1200/1300 to about 1800 (to be safe). With good contemporary patches, here and there, thereafter.

There have been some sparkling pop-efforts, too, especially in and around the 80’s, again, with other nice patches, here and there, thereafter.


The Baroque, for sure.


Same here. For early Baroque, it’s Monteverdi, Lully, Biber, Buxtehude. For later, it’s Bach, Händel, Vivaldi, Pergolesi and Couperin. For really late Baroque, moving up into Classical, it’s that great genius Jean-Philippe Rameau.

Here’s a Baroque tune everyone enjoys:


The late Baroque is my favorite, and tes, everyone does love Pachelbel’s Canon! I do, too. It’s so joyous and uplifting.


A close second for me is music of the Middle Ages. There are some fantastic recordings by the Studio der frühen Musik with Thomas Binkley; also Sequentia.

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