Favorite Narnia character besides Aslan

I love the Narnia books for both the subtle Christian allegories and the story itself.
Who are your favorite Narnia characters? I left out Aslan because he represents God, so I feel you're "supposed" to like him.
Here's who I like:
Lucy (although at times she seems Mary Sue-ish)
Edmund (the most awesome character in the entire Pevins family, IMHO)
Puddleglum (What really made me fall in love with this dude was what he said when the Emerald Witch tried to enchant him into thinking her world was all there was:

To me, this can also be applied to Christianity. I, too, wish to follow God, even if it turns out I am wrong. Because a world without God seems empty.
Trumpkin--this guy is so funny!

I like Mr. Tumnus :D

Puddleglum, definitely! :D

Reepicheep, gotta love him.

Edmund, because despite what he did in the first book, how he turned out in the end, that's truly comforting.

I like Edmund and Prince Caspian.

The cabbie and his wife, and the horse.
Mr and Mrs Beaver.
Emeth...because of the purity of his heart, he finally found the True God, and Paradise.

I have only read the first 2 or 3 books, but I have seen all 3 of the movies and out of those my favorites are:
Prince Caspian
Mr. Tumnus

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