Favorite Old Testament work?

What’s your favorite OT book? Mine is Job, it’s poetic style is just so beautiful to me. I have attempted to read the LXX version of it in the original Greek and it’s quite dense. I hope to one day read it in the original Hebrew as unfortunately at this time I know only a little Hebrew. I also enjoy the Book of Daniel, my second favorite book, it mystifies me, as do all of the Major Prophets, but I find Daniel quite striking in a lot of it’s imagery. Anyhow, what about you guys?

Esther. I love the narrative.

I love me some 2 Maccabees, I feel like the people who don’t have that in their Bible are really missing out.

Either Isaiah or Jeremiah. So poetic and haunting.

The book of Psalms. It’s got so much wisdom therein. Page after page, chapter after chapter, it never gets old.

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