Favorite parables of Jesus


I was wondering if anyone had a favorite one. Mine is the Good Shepard in John 10:11-18.
My second choice would likely be The Vine in John 15: 1-5

I was hoping to see if anyone else even if they are not Christian have found any of Jesus’ parables to be of interest to them somehow.



I love the parable of the Prodigal Son! I love the image of the father running out to meet his son. I have felt that God has run out to greet me even before I was back in the church. It’s a great image of God looking for us and being so forgiving and happy to have us back!

It just seems that I have this bad habit of wandering off His proprerty now and again!:slight_smile:


The Road to Emmaus.Lk 24: 13-32 How they recognised Him in the Breaking of Bread. That always reduces me to tears of emotion. Very powerful. :thumbsup:

But then I am often reduced to tears when the Priest elevates the Sacred Host. I find the reality of 'what is thereawsome :thumbsup:


Also agree the Prodigal son. How often I have empathised with him when I have received healing from the Confessional. :slight_smile:

When I have drifted away from the Lord through some weakness and find it hard going, I ALWAYS seek AND FIND healing in the sacrament of Absolution. It is a positive feeling of a real burden , being lifted off my shoulders by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is very much the Prodigal son. Awesome :slight_smile:


I’d vote for the prodigal son as well, I think many of us can relate. :yup:

My second would be the parable of the workers (Matthew 20) - where the employer was generous and paid them all the same regardless of the amount of time they’d worked. A reminder to all of us that we’re working for the same spiritual wages - and to be humble regarding heavenly gifts!

My third would actually be the good Samaritan. What a role model of generosity to a fault. Especially from someone who, being looked down upon, would have been tempted to become a bit hard-hearted.


Yeah I like the Good Samaritan one myself.:smiley:


One of my favorites is Luke 12:15-21, its a theme all too common today and a stern warning esepecially for us today against the consumerist mindset.

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