Favorite Pixar movie

Pixar makes lots of wonderful movies. Which one is your favorite?

Ice Age:D

That’s not Pixar, that’s Dreamworks.

Loved Ratatouille, one of the best movies of the summer. I love rats, so that might be why I liked it so much.

I surprised myself by really getting into “Cars.” I loved the whole Route 66 story line (a forgotten piece of Americana) plus the music was perfect for the characters, story, mood, etc. The characters were well developed and well done. I could tell the producers and all involved really puts their hearts into this one. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

i answered the question in the poll. i said finding nemo. i still like for animated films the best, Ice Age.

Without question, my favorite Pixar movie is this one.

I remember seeing that in its entirety. So cute! Just another example of Pixar’s humor and imagination. :slight_smile:

Since I have only seen Finding Nemo (partially) 116 times, I had to vote for Cars since I have seen that 118 times.

Honestly, Cars is one of my personal top 5 fav. movies.

You forgot to list The Incredibles… by far, my favorite! It’s truly brilliant writing.

I liked the Incredibles as well.

I can’t claim to have seen either as many times as you. Wow! But, I agree with your assessment. Cars is one of my top faves, too. Finding Nemo was a sweet film with lots of humor, but Cars makes me want to travel Route 66 and get to know some of my fellow Americans out there who aren’t yearning to shop at Walmart or dying for a Big Mac. Makes me want to hitch up our Scamp and just go!

So it has not been that many times, but with 3 kids and no cable they sometimes get into a groove with the movies that they like and those two have been two of the most popular as of late.

Ratatouille is mine. Brad Bird is an amazing director.

That’s not Pixar, that’s Dreamworks.

Actually, it’s Blue Sky Animation who also did Robots and is doing the upcoming Horton Hears a Who.

Nemo, but I like all of the others a lot, too.

Geri’s Game.

Monsters inc.!!:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. (They’re watching it right now actually.) My kids go through the Nemo stage. My daughter is coming out of it while my son is going into it. At least my husband and I still love it and quote it all the time- speaking scenes out while in the car. :slight_smile: It’s funny when the kids chime in, too. :smiley:

It is funny to have the kids quote lines from the movies. Our DD was just 4 and quoted the entire scene from Cars with Lightening McQueen and Mater when Mater does his famous backwards driving. She knew all the lines that lead up to that part…“Shooooot I’m the world’s best backwards driver, just watch this right here lover boy!”

What?! No “Incredibles” on the poll?! But that was the best!!! :eek:

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