Favorite Place to Pray

Where is your favorite place to pray? Where do you like to read the bible? Why? Do you like to pray when its quiet?

I typically like to read my bible and pray outside. I also like to study religious texts outside as well. Although at night it is usually in the confines of my bedroom.

Before Jesus in the Eucharist and in the quiet of my bedroom.

Church surrounded by the beauty that is in it.


Adoration in Church.

Outside, while walking. Sometimes in the park.


Where do I like to pray? In an adoration chapel or quiet church.

Where am I most likely to pray? In the shower or while driving. I try not to read the bible in the shower and I’m not sure all the prayers driving count though. Is it a prayer to ask the Lord to call home the jerk that cut you off? (Still working on that forgiveness thing :blush:)

Well my absolute favorite is the stone grotto at orchard lake st mary’s. its on the water, and i swear the chapel in the grotto is the quietest place in the world. If you are ever in the west bloomfield, michigan i would definately stop by and pray. But for every day prayer, it is my bedroom shrine, staring up at my huge antique our lady of grace statue. To me its nicer than any other mary statue

I would have to say that my favorite place to pray (during the summer) would be our farm’s hay field. I found out recently that I can pray 15 decades of the Rosary if I walk the perimeter of the field. :slight_smile: My other favorite place to pray is in the Adoration Chapel at one of the camps I attend…it is really peaceful there.

the beach at sunset, sunrise
in an open, quiet field
in an empty church. This way I can talk to Him out loud, if I want.

I read the Bible as I can, but would love a quiet yard to do so. Or that field…
Hopefully, soon

I like to pray in our church. It is within two minutes away, just up a hill. Most times, it’s locked, but I can call and have it opened, if I’d like. That is also the place where I read my Bible. Hardly anyone goes in there other than for Mass, so it is nice and quiet. When I pray, I either like to pray by myself, or with my great aunt.

My favorite place to pray is in the empty church. They say our biggest enemies during prayer are all of the distractions going on around us, so I find that being surrounded by art and icons influenced by God and being before Jesus in the Eucharist helps me to stay focused. (I am blessed with ADD, so I tend to be distracted quite easily)

Other than the church I do my best to pray throughout the entire day, and sometimes even find myself praying unconsciously as I go about my daily tasks :slight_smile:

Most of the time I pray right here at my desk. Sometimes I like to go out onto our small front, sit in a rocking chair to pray. I have pictures and statues all through the house, so no matter where I go I have some reminder of our connection to holy people that help lift my thoughts to heaven. :slight_smile:

I love the idea of praying outside…but find that when I try I am totally distracted by whatever I see out there!! I do my most undistracted praying in the Adoration chapel and sitting on the corner of my couch after I get home from work but before DH gets home. I need quiet to really concentrate.

Besides, here in MN praying outside is not practical for 3/4 of the year. Not unless one thinks chattering teeth are more beneficial to meditation, that is. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hear you, Della…I live in northern Michigan!!

Yeah, we Northerners understand these things. Even summer can be unsuitable what with high humidity and mosquitos. Nope, give me the great indoors for praying 99% of the time. :wink:

My best place would be in a quiet church, all by myself, during Eucharistic adoration. But usually I foucus the best in my bed:D I believe any place is good if it is quiet and desert.

I like praying the Divine Office when camping. Even if we’re in the camper, there’s just something about being close to God’s creation, experiencing fresh aspects of nature, that makes the words come alive in new ways.

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