Favorite Podcasts?


Hey I listen to podcasts at work (machining). Was wondering what everyone here listens to.

The obvious one: CA live & focus
Our life in Christ - Orthodox and a few years old, has a great 5 hour series on Mary that any new Catholic could use
Patristics - Orthodox podcast on early church fathers
Catholic Man Show - great one, target audience should be obvious
Pints With Aquinas - pub style discussion on Thomas
Word on Fire
Search the Scriptures - Orthodox

These are the main ones I listen to right now besides liturgy. Think either a Catholic or Orthodox Christian could listen to any and gain some insight without much difficulty.



My favorite is Called to Communion. Dr. Anders is amazing.

Also like Open line Monday, John Martignoni is really down to earth and does apologetics mainly from the Bible.

As you mentioned CAL is great, I’m about 2 weeks behind, but getting started on a big project in the barn in the evenings should get me all caught up.

When I don’t have time to listen to an entire show or if a podcast just ends and I know I’ll only be working another 15 minutes I switch to Fr. Mike’s podcasts or the Council of Trent since they are usually 5 or 10 minutes each.

I also enjoyed the Catholic Man show for a while, but being almost twice those “kids” age :wink: I started to lose interest.

You might also like the downloads at John’s sight…


Other great downloads are on…


Love me some Podcasts,

God Bless

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Pints with Aquinas , Catholic Answers Live , Word on Fire .



Yeah, Called to Communion with Dr. David Anders is one of my faves as well as the Counsel of Trent with Trent Horn. Also, Jimmy Akin’s has a interesting podcast available at https://sqpn.com/podcasts/jimmy-akins-mysterious-world/.



Clerically Speaking is really good.



Lately I’ve been listening to The Jeff Cavins Show , Catholic Bible Study. Hes from Ascension Press, where Fr Mike Schmitz is ( also his podcast or you tube videos) available on multiple podcast carriers . I listen on Castbox



Patrick Madrid is awesome!!!



I really only listen to Word on Fire and Pints with Aquinas. I tried the CAF one, but it was sending me too many episodes a day. It seemed like I was getting at least two hours worth of content daily. I have been meaning to try some other podcasts, but I often don’t have time. My commute and early morning work when no one else is in are the best times, but even then I’m generally not listening to podcasts.


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