Favorite Popes of the first millenium

Which pope of the first millennium is your favorite? If you have another feel free to list it.

Wow, I can’t believe that Gregory just owned St. Peter in the polls…

St Peter would have to be a close second, but for favorite I have to vote “other”:

Pope Saint Hilarius, the funniest pope in recorded history :bounce:


I have a special devotion to Pope St. Damasus I.

Non Angli sed Angeli.

I’ll go with that. Greg I was it not?

What about Pope Hilary?

Indeed it was. But how can you go past Leo the Great standing up to Attila the Hun eh? Talk about courage!

I’d pick any Pope who was pope during the Roman persecution. Imagine having the whole Church in your care while at the same time having the Romans breathing down your back. Now that takes courage.

Same guy :wink: depending on whether the name is Latinized or Anglicized.


Saint Silverius, Pope and Martyr :smiley:

Can I have St. Martin I, Pope & Martyr, as well :slight_smile: ?

My third would be St. Anastasius II (496-8), because a hostile source behind the account of him in the Liber Pontificalis got him an undeserved reputation as a heretic for the next thousand years. That is a sort of martyrdom: cfpeople.org/Books/Pope/POPEp50.htm

He’s not on the list, but I say St. Pontian. By the example of his sanctity, he turned an antipope into a saint (St. Hyppolitus) and both were martyred together. :slight_smile:

Also, honorable mention to St. Sixtus II–he had a lot of courage, but also knew when mildness and patience was the best course. :slight_smile:

Have to go with St Peter over St Gregory the Great. A couple other names worthy of mention. Clement I and Victor I.

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