Favorite Protestant denomination

For Catholics. Which Protestant denomination do you respect the most?

I’m not too educated on the different denominations, but I would say I really like the Baptists.

I don’t get the impression that the Baptists are very keen on us though. Some times I read comments online on other Christian websites that say misinformed and even offensive things about Catholics such as we are legalistic, are not saved, don’t know Jesus and think our works alone will get us into heaven and the author of the comment identifies as Baptist. I say, charity to all and assume good of others. Often Evangelicals don’t realise how close they are to Catholics in terms of strong belief in the supernatural, miracles and power of the Holy Spirit with an emphasis on holiness. They crave an encounter with God and if they only understood the Mass and our encounter with the living God - Soul, Body and Divinity as a physical reality then more might want to come home.

I would say the non denominational protestants. They are just people who worship God the best way they know how and because since they are not bound to any particular denomination, that makes them the closest to Catholics.

It is my belief that all protestants are wandering around, not able to find that which they know should be there, splitting off from themselves, like a division of cells, thinking they will find in that the thing that is missing in their faith, ultimately becoming more disorientated, then filling it with things that over time eventually lose their excitement, frustration and anguish follow, until they find their way home … to the Catholic Church.

That is just the way I see it, I know others may not.

I’m not a Baptist (or a Catholic) but I’ll echo the above. I have experience with Baptists, and the Baptists I know all all woefully ignorant about Catholicism. I’ve seen a Baptist homeschooling curriculum, and they actually write the Catholic church out of history (including telling the story of the Reformation without the Catholic church.) I’m glad you’re fond of them, they need to meet some loving Catholics who know their Bible well. If you want to connect with them, you need to start with scripture and know that they probably don’t really know anything about you but they’ll think they do.

*Disclaimer: There’s no guarantee my experiences are typical, so take it with a grain of salt. As said earlier, always assume the best!

As for the question, I’ll say as Protestant there are many things to respect about the Catholic church as well. God bless.

I like Epsicopal. It’s like Catolic-lite. All the sacraments and half the guilt!

I respect the Amish for their forgiveness after that tragedy years ago when a man broke into a school house and shot Amish children. Their forgiveness came immediately. That impressed me. Of course, I’d never want to BE Amish, LOL! But I do respect them.

With that said, I would never go back to being Protestant. Once you know what you’re missing, nothing else could ever be enough.

Not all, only the Catholic Church has all the Sacraments, and that’s why Christ gave us the Sacrament to Confession to remove the guilt. Maybe you could read the CCC in your spare time. God Bless, Memaw

I agree, I know some Amish when I visit my cousin. They are very friendly, family people. The children are very well behaved and seem very happy. God Bless, Memaw

Greek Orthodox

I respect the tele-evangelists who are able, through their charm and salesmanship, to collect all their millions from gullible viewers. I respect them from a capitalistic point of view.


It was a joke, but my sarcasm is sometimes missed. :rolleyes: In all seriousness they are close to Catholic. I have taught in both schools and I know the difference, but to an outsider or a casual Catholic, they are close!

You are right. I gave up friendship with a Baptist because he kept on saying untrue things about the Catholics just to bring us down, Needless to say he is an Ex-friend.

I’m not a fan of the Amish as they only educate their kids to 8th grade and they do not follow child labor laws. Forgiving they are, but I think they do not value their children. Just my opinion…:o

I agree. I view Protestants as being well-meaning and sincere, but mis-directed and lacking in the fullness of Truth. They are Christians as a result of their Baptism, rather than from being members of Protestant denominations. They are our straying brothers who hopefully will one day find their way back home.

I am in full agreement with you ! ! :thumbsup:

I was a strongly raised Protestant . First Presbyterian, & then Lutheran.
But, "something " always seemed to be missing.
Until the Holy Spirit guided me into the Catholic Church ! :).

Not to be disrespectful, but the non-denominational Protestants are often among the most the furthest away from the Catholic Church. They often share a lot in common with the Baptists and/or Pentecostals. It’s also not uncommon to find some who don’t think Catholics are Christians.

My brother-in-law is one (former Baptist) and he believes that Catholic Priests are heathens.

Personally, the Protestant group I would say I respect the most are the High Anglicans (the ones who consider themselves very close to the Church. And hopefully one day, they will all be reunited with us.

But I respect the Orthodox the most (both East and Oriental) out of all non-Catholic Christians because they have all seven valid sacraments.

God bless

All the children I have met are friendly, respectful, helpful and seem very happy. They do help out with the family choirs but so did I and my siblings as we grew up on a farm. One mother told her 10-12 year old to go to the hen house and gather the eggs and he did so with, no arguing!! Another was getting the clothes off the line as it looked like rain. Same things we did. I admired the gentle voice of the Mother. God Bless. Memaw

Greek Orthodox is not a Protestant denomination. They are Eastern, for one thing, and their history predates the 16th c. Protestant Revolt.

I’m not a fan of the Amish, I don’t like their tradition of sending kids out for a year at 16…if they decide to remain Amish, great; if they choose not to, they are outcast and are no longer allowed to speak/talk to the family. This was actually portrayed in the film about the shooting, as the mother of one of the children who was struggling to forgive the shooter, couldn’t understand why they forgave him instantly, but she was forbidden from seeing her sister who had decided to marry a non Amish man.

I watched a documentary on them and the children seemed happy enough and well behaved but is it true happiness when there is the knowledge that if you decide to leave the compounds, you are cast out for ever? It reminds me of the Mormons, all sweet and innocent, very welcoming and friendly…as soon as you leave…it’s a different matter all together.

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