Favorite R&B soul singers

for me… luther vandross… God Bless his soul…

His music very touching to the soul…

also, james ingram… anita baker, stevie wonder and george benson…

any others?

The Big Three:
Betty LaVette
Amy Winehouse (yes, really)
Sharon Jones & Dap Kings

The best soul singers in history (this is dogma so no arguments ;)):

The three best are:

  1. Sam Cooke.
  2. Otis Redding.
  3. Al Green

Underneath them, you can put Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, Bobby Bland, Little Willie John, Wilson Pickett, and a bunch others.

I LOVE classic R&B and Soul… to be honest most current R&B isn’t worthy of the name if you ask me… most of them sound more like they’re practicing their scales than really singing their hearts out…

Having said that there are some good new ones Amy Winehouse and Sharon Jones as someone else mentioned and a little known but -incredible- singer called Lewis Taylor… sadly these are all British singers doing a classic American Soul style. Where are the new American greats???

I love Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Aretha Franklin, Well, most of Motown and Stax… Philly soul… 70’s funk… Aarrgh too many to name, actually!!

I also have to throw in Eddie Holman… Mostly known for “Hey there lonely girl”, but I just bumped into this little known gem the other day… and frankly I think it’s WAY better than Lonely Girl…listen to his angelic falsetto:


Luther vandross best male r&b
Shirley Murdock, Pattie La Belle ( even though she’s more “cross-over” ) stephanie Mills, Betty Wright,

luther vandross… dance with my father…& here and now my fav…

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