Favorite religious movie

“The Flowers of St. Francis” was a lovely film.
A.J. Cronin’s book, “The Keys of the Kingdom”, is one of my all-time favorite reads, and “The Quiet Man” is on my favorite films list.
Netflix is sending “Padre Pio: Miracle Man” this weekend. Something tells me I may be adding to my list…

Continuing on this topic of favourite movies, can anyone on this forum please tell me is a movie was ever made of Morris Wests, The Devil’s Advocate" (about a priest in Southern Italy investigating a possible sainthood-not the Keanu Reeves recent movies)
I have been looking for this movie as I have just read the bood and its fabulous.
Please help.
Grace Angel

Brother Sun, Sister Moon by Zeferelli…the director of that epic version of Romeo and Juliette. It’s main character, St. Francis, was played by Graham Faulkner. A beautiful film.

I also like The Bells of St. Mary’s, Song of Bernadette, It’s a Wonderful Life, Keeping the Faith, The Ten Commandments, Agnes of God…

A Man for All Seasons is my absolute favorite religious movie. It depicts the latter part of St. Thomas More’s life, concentrating on his trial and martyrdom in 1535. I have never seen a movie about a saint that captured me so completely - he is altogether human, and altogether saintly. Paul Schofield plays Thomas More, and as a Shakespearean actor he did fantastic. :smiley:

Most movies depicting the lives of the saints portray the saints too… conveniently. (That’s the best word I can think of.) Too easily - the saints are holy and they’ve always been holy. A Man for All Seasons was the first movie (that I’ve seen) that portrayed a saint in his truest element - really, painfully, nobly, humanly holy. I’ve never understood sainthood until this movie - which is actually very historically correct, too. Now St. Thomas More is my patron saint.

Also, The Passion. I can’t say it’s my favorite in the same way MAS is - especially because I’ve only seen it once and I approach seeing it again the same way I feel approaching the confessional. It’s not the violence of the crucifixion (even though I’'l close my eyes), it’s the feeling of an examination of conscience. When I left the theater the first time I saw it, I had an overwhelming feeling of the triviality of time - much like the feeling I’ve gotten leaving the confessional of the triviality of temptations. (Unfortunately that euphoric feeling only happened once so far.)

Totally different movies - both favorites.

I just checked at Amazon - “The Devil’s Advocate” is not a film - yet.
You’d think instead of re-making great movies into contemporary trash, Hollywood might actually take a good story (like this) and make it into a movie. Too edgy, eh?

OK, I have a lot of religious favs…

The following I watch every Lent:

Passion of the Christ (obvious)
Jesus of Nazareth
The Greatest Story Ever Told
King of Kings
The Gospel of John
The Ten Commandments
Moses (a TNT production)
Joseph (a TNT production)
Abraham (a TNT production)
Jacob (a TNT production)

These I watch at Christmas, although not all are specifically Christmas movies:

Come to the Stable
The Bells of St Mary
Going My Way
The Bishop’s Wife
The Nativity Story (I will include this in my Christmas viewing now that I have it on DVD)

These I watch whenever:

Mother Theresa
Therese (fairly new one about the Little Flower)
The Passion of Bernadette
The Exorcism of Emily Rose

The Mission

OK, I will name some of my favorites and one that was aweful that had some good cinematic elements.

Passion of the Christ

The Greatest Story Ever Told

The Prince of Egypt (not totally biblically based, but the Red Sea parting and the music was cool)

Les Miserables (the one with Liam Neeson and Geoffrey Rush) - the religious themes are beautiful.

Ben Hur

And the aweful film that had some value: The Last Temptation of Christ. That was the one film where Jesus smiled just before he died. I liked it’s depiction of the Essene community and it’s depiction of the raising of Lazarus (people looked as if they were going to vomit when the tomb was opened). Other than those elements, it was mediocre and to this day I don’t understand why Universal did that film and NOT the Passion.

Thank you Shatzi, how disappointing it is.
I accidently bought the Keanu Reeves DVD and opened it before I realised that it wasnt the one. My husband has watched it and he did make comment. so I presume he wasnt impressed and I dont really want to watch it. I am disappointed that the original wasnt made into a movie.
God Bless
Grace Angel.

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