Favorite Religious Order


Order of Preachers!
Here in the Philippines, (Biggest Catholic Country in Asia) The Pontifical University of St. Thomas (UST) is a university of 40,000 students!
UST forms bishops, leaders and champions!

The DOMINICAN training is far better than the other religious groups…
They are the pioneers here in EDUCATION and producing Hundreds of Bishops over the years!


Dominicans. Then Jesuits. I admire the genius of the Benedictine Order.


For me it has to be “The Sons of The Most Holy Redeemer(F.Ss.R)” There main focus is to spread the word of the Gospel and to Labour for the salvation of the most abandoned souls. They celebrate mass in the Extraordinary Form, and live there daily lives according to the rules set out by Saint Alphonsus founder of “The Congregation of The Most Holy Redeemer(C.Ss.R)”. Here is the web address to their blog www.papastronsay.blogspot.co.uk


Society of Jesus - the spiritual exercise, the examen, and finding God in all things.


Carmelite - hermits in community, contemplative religious order
Visitation - contemplative for those unable to live an ‘overly’ demanding religious way of life


I love all our religious orders! Each one shows a different facet of the life of Christ. But since I am a Secular Discalced Carmelite, I would gladly say that my favorite order is the Order of Discalced Carmelites! Being in Carmel has made a fundamental difference in my spirituality and in the way I see life in Christ, life in this world, and life in the next. The attraction for the Carmelite saints, the Carmelite spirituality of contemplative prayer and apostolic action began when I read The Story of a Soul. Carmelites live a life of joy and suffering in union with God under the patronage and maternal protection of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

God bless the New Year!


They certainly I mostly lean toward the Jesuits.


I can’t say I have a favorite order, but the priests at my parish are Benedictines.

One religious order I haven’t seen anybody mention, is the Marians of the Immaculate Conception. They are a smaller order, only about 500 worldwide. They revolve around prayer, and help out in parishes, schools ,and missions.


I attended a Benedictine high-school during my freshman year. All of the Priests and Monks were very kind and prayer driven. I definitely feel a degree of loyalty for them based on what I learned there for just one year.


I’ve heard of them I met their vocations director Fr Donald Calloway MIC, very orthodox.


:thumbsup:Society of Jesus for their charism and mission.


I’m totally with you on that. I sure hope they accept me when I apply to join.


obviously Jesuits! :smiley:


When I was a protestant, I admired the Society of Jesus greatly, but also thought the Dominicans and Franciscans were top notch as well. I really discovered the Benedictines and Capuchins during my years of conversion and found them to be equally compelling. A Passionist came and preached at our parish one weekend and he was fabulous, and fuuuuuuunnnyyyy. I can’t choose between all of them. :stuck_out_tongue:


I do not think I could have said it better about OCDS Thanks




Passionists. I’m hoping to join as a Sister :slight_smile:


Salesians Of St. John Bosco! Mostly because I grew up in an all-boys Don Bosco School…couldn’t ask for anything better :slight_smile: Our Parish is pretty awesome too.


For me, it would be the Carthusians :).

Nice and contemplative.

Benedicat Deus,


Thanks for starting this thread:thumbsup:

As someone who is discerning the religious life/priesthood I am checking out the various religious orders and societies of priests and stuff. I have always felt called to one that is both contemplative/active. That being said I do not feel called to be a Trappist Monk:) Nor do I feel called to be part of a solely active order with no contemplation.

I have discerned the Dominicans as I love praying the rosary and the rosary is big with the Dominican Order. The Dominicans are also big in preaching, and contemplation which are two big aspects in my discernment life. Preaching itself is an active ministry and contemplation (well contemplative) which is exactly what I fell called to. The Dominicans are also big in study which is another thing I admire them for as I feel called to have a study life.

I am also discerning the Norbertines (premonstratensian) which is actually close to where I live. They have five ends (charisms) which I feel called to. 1)They chant the entire Divine Office) 2) They have a devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary (Immaculate Conception) 3) They strive for the salvation of souls 4) They practice habitual penance 5) A special devotion to the Eucharist/Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The Norbertines close to me offer the Tridentine Mass and it is something I feel called to celebrate as a priest. My spiritual Director is himself a Norbertine Priest and I really think I will join their order.


For those interested in the Norbertines also check out this similar group called Canon Regulars of New Jerusalem. They are a traditional Order which solely celebrates the Old Mass and I believe that one of the main priests and founders was himself a Norbertine.

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