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Thank you for this wonderful thread!

In reading various replies, and in consequently doing some research online, I was able to discover that there’s a wonderful Trappist Monastery a mere fifteen miles from my house. I’m sure this will be an edifying place to visit and to pray at, and I would not have known of it if not for this thread. :thumbsup:


Top 3
Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist (and Dominicans in general)
Daughters of St. Paul
Sisters of Life

I’m discerning with all if them.


Hope they send you to Sacramento! St. Iggy’s is the most awesome parish and our 5th priest is awaiting his acceptance to ND or CUA for further grad school training in music! :wink:


Jesuits!.. I’m really into the whole “God’s Soldiers” thing and love the work the Society of Jesus does.


I have not really seen any religious institute so active and contemplatives than the franciscans of the immaculate;they are conservative,traditional,and most astonishing they are good in music,sisters and friars alike. they are great.




The Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate out of Ontario, Canada. They teach at my parish. Totally faithful to the Magisterium and they wear habits, how awesome?!

For a beautiful video about religious vocations and their community. They have some other youtube videos about discernment at such things.



The Paulists Fathers. Checked them out when I was discerning. Didn’t feel called, but I continue to be impressed by much of their work, especially in reconciliation. (And Busted Halo is pretty terrific as well.) If anyone out there is discerning the priesthood, consider going on a vocation retreat with the Paulists. The guys at the seminary all seemed great. They love the Church and have a great zeal.

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