Favorite Saint

Who is your favorite saint? Why?

Well, I was born 4 October 1944, feast day of St. Francis. A great saint for an animal lover like myself.:smiley:

But I also wear the cord of Saint Philomena, and pray to her every day for support and guidence.:slight_smile:

Do “Blesseds” count? My favorite is Blessed Pius IX because he defended the Church against modernism.

I’m really asking for favorite saints, not favorite blesseds.

I have several…one is St.Claude…He was ordered to go to England during the reformation and try and give mass to the catholic underground church members.he was caught,beaten ,inprisoned then ordered out of England…for centuries after he died he had but two confirmed miracles. …in the late 1940s Jesuit Father Houle was ordered to China to work with the Catholics there…he was caught by the commies in 1950,beaten ,sent to a concentration camp for some 4 years,released and ordered out…he landed in California…joined the Cardinal Mindszenty foundation and produced a shore film strip titled: Heart of a Priest…a bio of his life in a chinese prison…I purchased a copy and showed and spoke with it all over this entire area for several years and was in communication with Fr.Houle…in 1990,he was dieing and given the last rites…a friend placed a relic on his forhead from Blessed Claude…he then fell into a coma…next morning he awoken,asked for a slice of pizza and after examinations by doctors pronounceded cured…Rome took over and checked it all out…Fr.Houle’s recovery became the third miracle needed and Blessed Claude became St.Claude De La Colombiere!!! I have letters signed by Fr.Houle and he always ended his letters with …prayers to the sacred heart etc just like Claude!!! Next week boys and girls I will talk about another favorite saint…a little girl almost 12 years old who chose death rather then disgrace…and how my little story about this little sweet angel has been chosen by one organization to represent her…till next time…say your prayers and include always even some of your worst enemies…amen and amen

Yes, but I am more fond of Blessed Pius IX than I am of any other Saint I “know”.

I believe Blesseds are considered Saints of a different pedigree or state of recognition.

But mine would be, besides the Blessed Mother, Padre Pio.

As a Recovered Alcoholic, I would like to mention The Venerable Matt Talbot. :clapping: I pray daily for his help for me and other alcoholics.

Apart from Our Lady (greatest of all Saints) and St Francis of Assisi (comes with the territory of being a secular-Franciscan-in-training), I’d nominate three:

a) St Joseph
b) St Helen (who found the True Cross)
c) St Thomas More (great statesman and lawyer)

St. Anne
St. Francis
and St. Monica

They are all my favorites for different reasons. I am still learning about other saints, though.

My favorite of modern times is St. Elizabeth the New-Martyred Abbess of Russia.

She was a direct descendant of the Roman Catholic St. Elizabeth of Hungary, raised a Lutheran, converted to Orthodoxy, and died as a martyr under the Bolsehviks.

One of her last acts was to bind up the wounds of a man dying beside her.

For me, it has to be St. Mary. You can’t get much better than the Mother of God!!

On a more ‘traditional’ note, I would probably say St. Augustine, mainly because our lives seem to have some parallels, which is strange… and St. Michael.

Well, I have more than one… :stuck_out_tongue:

St. Joseph
St. Faustina
St. Monica
St. Maximilian Kolbe
(and of course, our Blessed Mother)

I also love Elisabeth Leseur, who is not a saint yet but there is a cause for her canonization. I’m not sure how to check on its status though…anyone know? Anyway, she’s a wonderful example of faith and courage despite tremendous suffering and obstacles.

From the top of my head…

St. Augustine - I can relate to his battle for chastity

St. Francis de Sales - his book ( Introduction to the Devout Life ) deals with the life of a laymen which I think is rare.

St. Therese of Lisieux is my Confirmation and patron saint. I chose her initially because back those roughly 50 years ago she was the only big picture on our classroom wall of a saint who smiled. She was a nun and held a crucifix and roses and all were meaningful to me. I read her life story and smiled more. And then I was given a real, genuine, honest to goodness picture of her and my cup ranneth over. She was a REAL GENUINE saint who had REALLY LIVED after all!:smiley: (attributing to a well known Catholic phenomena back then - intense religious education misinterpreted by children. It never had sunk home to me that saints were real people, but then I was astounded to find out nuns had once been real people too:eek: ) Then my aunty burst my bubble by pointing out that roses had sharp thorns. But she was to be proved well and truly correct.

PS In my childhood I never laboured over where nuns and saints were drawn from…but was astounded to discover that they were once real people.:shrug:

When I was a kid, I knew that saints were actual people. However, I didn’t understand that people were not recognized as saints until after their death. I thought that they were born and recognized as saints during their lifetime. I thought St. Anthony of Padua would have introduced himself to people as “St. Anthony” during his life.

Sts. Teresa of Jesus, Therese of Liseux, John of the Cross because of their mystical theology, their devotion and prayer life examples and their teachings. I love Carmelite spirituality.

Also, St. Faustina for her utter devotion to Our Lord even during great suffering and her great example of undying trust in His Divine Mercy.

St. Joseph, because he was the foster-father of Our Lord and is such an example of humility, devotion and true manhood.

Our Lady, for obvious reasons.

St. John Vianney, because of his utter zeal for God’s glory and the salvation of souls, his great devotion and desire to see souls be completely obedient to Christ.

And I could go on and on…

Pax Christi tecum.

St. Joseph of Cupertino - he could fly!

On hearing the names of Jesus or Mary, the singing of hymns, during the feast of St. Francis, or while praying at Mass, he would go into dazed state and soar into the air, remaining there until a superior commanded him under obedience to come down.

Also, Joseph gave off a sweet odor smell because he was pure. Joseph could also smell the bad odor of a sinful person. When they would come, sometimes he would tell them that they stink and that they should go wash themselves. By this, he meant for them to go to confession.

St. Anthony
St. Francis
St. Pio

Thanks for telling me about him. I’ve now read about him, and his story has compelled me.

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