Favorite Scene from a Jesus Film

Yep, another one of them ‘Jesus film’ threads, probably’ll sink down like the Titanic sooner or later. :stuck_out_tongue: I was originally thinking of making this a ‘Bible film’ thread in general, but I whittled to down to this.

So, I’m wondering: anyone got their favorite scenes from a Jesus film (Jesus of the Nazareth, The Passion of the Christ, etc.) that they’d like to talk about or share?

The final (resurrection) scene in POTC!

I just love how the light shines off his eyes, and skin, as “JC” resumes movement and aliveness.


I loved that scene too. After watching the gory details of the Passion it was so inspiring to see a glimpse of the resurrected Christ (well, an artistic depiction thereof, but nothing wrong with that).

My favorite film on the life of Christ is The Miracle Maker. Even though it’s an animated film and supposedly aimed at kids, the script is more intelligent than what you get in most of the others. It is hard to pick a favorite scene though.

I’m totally with you on The Miracle Maker. I think part of the reason why it ‘works’ is precisely because it’s animated. :slight_smile:

To name a few of my favorites. As you can notice I also have a hard time picking one as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

[LIST=1]*]The Sermon on the Mount from Pier Paolo Pasolini’s 1964 film Il Vangelo secondo Matteo (it’s in Italian, but since the director simply chose to use Matthew’s gospel as a script you could figure out what they’re saying from a Bible anyway - besides this particular clip has subtitles). I really like Pasolini chooses to handle the sermon.
*]The triumphal entry and the temple incident (Matthew 21:1-16), from the same. It’s one of those few films where Jesus smiles, and it actually works.
*]The woes on the Pharisees (Matthew 23:13-39; 24:1-2), again from the same. I really liked the fiery, passionate delivery here. The nice thing here is how when Jesus says “therefore I send you prophets and wise men and scribes, some of whom you will kill and crucify…” the camera pans across the disciples listening to Jesus.
*]The empty tomb and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:1-8, 16-20), yet again from the same film.
*]The entire Last Supper and Gethsemane scenes from BBC/HBO’s 2008 The Passion. It’s really interesting to see the disciples themselves trying to wrap their heads around “This is my body” / “This is my blood.” :smiley: And IMHO it portrays the agony of Jesus decently enough.
*]The appearance to Mary Magdalene (05:48-08:34) and the road to Emmaus, from the same (00:48-3:59). I love it how they do not simply resort to the ‘Jesus hiding His face with something’ convention.
*]The temptation in the desert scene from The Miracle Maker (00:48-03:06). I think Ralph Fiennes really did a very good job on the film overall. Funnily enough, Satan isn’t the ugly monster he is often portrayed as.
*]The parable of the builders (05:17-06:50 on the same clip). Again, I think that Ralph Fiennes makes a very good Jesus. (For anyone familiar with the film adaptations of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, I think it’s really jarring to see Professor Lupin betray Voldemort and Bilbo condemning him to death! :D)
*]Mary going to Jesus in The Passion of the Christ. IMHO the best scene in the whole film. Personally this scene affects me more than all those minutes of physical torture. :blush:
*]Gethsemane from the 1973 film version of Jesus Christ Superstar. I know the film as a whole is very dated, but the montage of artworks during the 5/8 break is just, shall we say, mindblowing.
*]The ascension (4:33-end) from Jesus (1979).[/LIST]
That’s it for now. :blush:

all beautiful scenes.

if you haven’t seen DeMilles silent version of “King of Kings”, please check it out on youtube.
some really great scenes in there too.

Gethsemane from the 1973 film version of Jesus Christ Superstar. I know the film as a whole is very dated, but the montage of artworks during the 5/8 break is just, shall we say, mindblowing.

I know what you mean, I always loved that segment, too.

You beat me to it! This is my favorite scene as well. When you see the holes in his hands, I just break down sobbing. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

Also, the Annunciation scene in Jesus of Nazareth. Loved the simplicity, no special effects which would look cheesy now, just a light coming in through the window.

The Passion of Christ-

The Lord teasing his mother by playfully splashing water in her face when she comes to ‘‘fetch’’ him for lunch and gives him a scolding over his dirty hands that she is not letting him use to eat his food that way- no way! :tsktsk:Of course, she has just teased him over his tall table and tall chairs when he laughed at her as she stumbled trying to physically test this new idea- Tall tables! What an idea!

Lovely touch there, by Mel Gibson. Truly special, indeed. :heart:

I just love Our Lady’s depiction in that film- love it! She’s so dignified, silently holy and strong even in suffering. I also love Veronica’s loving waiting on the Lord, so bloody and sprawled on the ground, and he rewards her with the impression of his lovely face. Brought me to tears! :crying:

Those are favorites of mine too. My daughter and I especially like the scene in the garden when Jesus crushes the snake’s head!

I loved that scene too. Before seeing that movie I was convinced that I would never see a depiction of Christ in a film that I could believe in. In all the other “Jesus films” the actor seems like a human actor self-consciously trying to depict the God-Man and it always seemed painfully artificial to me. But in Mel Gibson’s film it just works somehow. Part of the genius of that scene is that it shows Jesus as truly human. In other films such as The Greatest Story Ever Told or Jesus of Nazareth the actors are trying so hard to depict the divinity of Christ that the humanity almost totally disappears.

the last supper, Jesus of Nazareth

I thought that Mary Magdalene riding a zebra-drawn chariot was a bit over-the-top in typical DeMille fashion. :smiley:

And wow. A lot of folks sure do like The Passion of the Christ.

It was not in that particular clip, but I also like the preceding scene (“Will no one stay awake with me…”). I think the music captures the loneliness and poignancy very good enough.

A few other scenes of interest I’d like to name.

1.) Pilate sentencing various prisoners (BBC’s The Passion, 2008; 4:58-7:20 in the clip). “Crucify them. For fun.”
2.) .Jesus of Nazareth
3.) The raising of Lazarus from The Greatest Story Ever Told. The Hallelujah chorus makes everything better, doesn’t it? :wink:
4.) John 17 (04:00-08:17) from The Gospel of John.

The “Pieta” from Zeferelli’s Jesus of Nazareth—Mary (Olivia Hussey) takes her murdered son (Robert Powell) in her arms–and screams and bawls her heart out–like any mother would under the same circumstances–it dosnt matter she probably knew this was coming all along, that she has faith something good will come out of this—death, especially this kind of death is an outrage against all being

I thought that was overblown and saccarine when I saw it when I was 12, and it hasnt improved with age

MUCH better, of all thing’s :confused:, is Scorcese’s treatment of the same incident in Last Temptation

Speaking of which, while I didn’t really enjoy that film much, albeit for different reasons than others might have (for one, it dragged all too painfully :p), a few scenes do stand out in my opinion:

The adulteress
The wedding at Cana
The torture scene
The carrying of the cross

These scenes work IMHO mainly because Willem DeFoe isn’t acting like the emoish whiner with what looks like a mental disorder that characterizes 90% of the film. :blush:

BTW, that Lazarus scene: I didn’t really get the whole ‘Jesus performing a kung fu stance in front of Lazarus’ tomb’ (you know, the one where He flails and withdraws His arms) bit. :cool:

I also like the claymation THe MIracle Maker.

FOr favorite scene with Jesus, it is not a Jesus film, but a scene with Jesus in it. I THINK it is from Ben Hur. Somewhere around the beginning, I remember a man (maybe Ben Hur?) on the ground and the scene shows a man coming over and smoothing Ben Hur’s hair and offering him a drink of water. THen I think somehow it is revealed as Jesus.

Well, that is from a memory of 25 years ago, and maybe I am totally off, but if that is correct, then that scene just really stuck with me.

AIRI, the man tends to BH as he lies prostrate, and only then, when we see not his form but the shadow of His shaggy head, we recognize Him as our LORD.

BH, however, does not.


This is my favorite scene as well.

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