Favorite Sci Fi Author?

Who is your all-time number one favorite science fiction author?

Mine is CORDWAINER SMITH (aka Paul Linebarger). CM has a richly imagined universe spread over thousands of years and he anticipates many contemporary issues in politics, cloning, etc. And, can he write! The best into to his work is a collection of his short stories The Rediscovery of Man. I think he makes Asimov and Herbert, to name but two, look like scribblers. And I really like Asimov and Herbert! Try The Lady Who Sailed the Soul *Scanners Live in Vain * and The Ballad of Lost C’mel.

Frank Herbert, for Dune, Dune Messiah and Children of Dune.

I would have to say Isaac Asimov. I have been reading SF since the late 50s. Asimov’s Lucky Starr series got me started and I have never looked back. My second favorite would be Edgar Rice Burroughs. And then H. P. Lovecraft. These guys (and many others) laid the foundation for modern SF.

Ray Bradbury. :smiley:

Love his short stories. They’re well worth study.

Alan Dean Foster is mine.

havent read them all yet, not sure about the transformers, may try the book. Just waiting on Candle from a Distant Earth to pick it up.

Grant and Doug Naylor

for Red Dwarf, although books are different from the series, but I love Lister.

still wanting to pick up some CS Lewis havent read his fiction yet

Phillip K. ****

I win … thread over

Spider Robinson’s “Callahan” series

David Drake

Eric Flint

Poul Anderson

Harry Turtledove

Walt Kubilius


Not having read a huge amount of sci-fi, and being more a fan of the short story than novel,

I’ll say Ray Bradbury is my favorite.

Then I’ll toss in John Wyndham.

Those are the two that I’ll read anything by, knowing that I’ll almost certainly like it.

Isaac Asimov
Ray Bradbury
Robert A. Heinlein
Piers Anthony

I haven’t read a lot of sci fi, but Larry Niven and Orson Scott Card are two that come to mind.

favorite writer overall Isaac Asimov
favorite series, the Space Trilogy of CS Lewis
favorite novel, Dune by Frank Herbert
(am I dating myself?)

I’ll go with
Frank Herbert
Anne Mcaffery
Neil Gaiman
Orson scott Card
Fred Saberhagen
Issac Asimov
and Kevin J. Anderson
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Also anything “Bolo”

Oooh, short fiction, yes.

Novel length, I favor Ursula K. LeGuin.

But re: Bradbury, I still refer to ‘let’s not stomp butterflies’ when writing things out of sequence.

Along those lines, there was another time-travel piece I read that involved some error and the time traveler got stuck in a Algonquin-ruled territory of what we know as New York. I haven’t been able to relocate that story–does it ring a bell w/ anyone, as I’d love to look it up and re-read.

CJ Cherryh
GK Chesterton (Man Who Was Thursday, Napoleon of Notting Hill)
Larry Niven, although he can’t do alien personalities for beans.
Gene Wolfe
Fritz Leiber (OK only his fantasy is good but f/s-f is a real blurry line)
CLAMP (comics–read Chobits and try not to cry)

I also have to say I hate Asimov, especially for taking every last scrap of originality out of the robot story.

Heinlen-everything he wrote
Hebert-for Dune only

oh and another hate one, I actually threw the book across the room when I finished was


by George Orwall

scifi with no hope is awful.


Timothy Zahn. I don’t read much scifi and I really wasn’t that impressed by Anne Mcaffrey’s(sp?) Acorna the Unicorn Girl.

Peter Hamilton–The Reality Dysfunction/Neutronium Alchemist/Naked God (The Night’s Dawn Trilogy). Classic “good vs evil” stuff though a little on the long side for the whole trilogy with each book being around 1000 pages as I recall. The first two are usually found in two volumes in the US.

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