Favorite show on ewtn

alright y’all whats your favorite show on ewtn

My favorite show used to be whenever they would show Fr. Corapi giving a homily, but now I don't think they'll be showing it much anymore... such a shame.

Now my favorite show is Life on the Rock, and then after that is the rosary with Mother Angelica.

EWTN is great! :)

First, I watch The Daily Mass every day, either in the live broadcast in the morning or at one of the re-broadcast times later in the day; but not sure that can be called a “favorite show.”

I would have to say that my favorite EWTN show is Fr. Mitch and “EWTN Live.” It is very informative and he has guests discussing topics you won’t generally hear about anywhere else. :highprayer:

None of the ones you list!

I really enjoy Jeff Cavins, the Great Adventure.

I like Catholicism on Campus

I also like anything with Scott Hahn, like Franciscan University of Steubenville Presents.

and who could forget Raymond Arroyo; The World over Live?

:bigyikes: i havent watch any of those besides the one with scott hahns, who happens to be one of my favorite book authors btw a great book by him is hail holy queen

Fighting Fat, I agree with you on the list of shows on the poll; I don’t watch any of them; and, I don’t consider programs like “The Rosary with Mother Angelica” and “The Daily Mass” shows.

I also watch and enjoy Raymond Arroyo and shows with Scott Hahn. I am particularly a fan of Father Mitch. Sometimes I watch Life on the Rock; but not as a regular, depends on the topic.

Daily Mass hands down. Glad you put this in the choice, I would have been a little disappointed if you had not.

God bless.

you did not have Fr Groeschel Sunday Night Prime Time Live 20/20 whatever it is called now

I don’t watch EWTN that much anymore. But Fr. Benedict is still my favorite. His Sunday Night Live Show is the best.

Is the show no longer live since they changed the name? I haven’t seen new episodes.

As far as EWTN radio, I love listening to Fr. Mitch’s Open Line. I’ve called in a couple times.

The Catholic View for Women is my favorite on TV.

Catholic Connection is my favorite on EWTN radio.

Mother Angelica Live

but it isn't a choice here :(

snowpea, I agree. I also enjoy Mother Angelica Live in addition to my earlier choice of EWTN Live. When you see Mother as she was in the earlier years of EWTN; and, think of her now - it is sad. She is constantly in my prayers.:gopray2:

My objection to listing “The Daily Mass” and “Rosary with Mother Angelica” is that those two programs are more ‘devotional’ as opposed to a ‘television show.’ I never miss The Daily Mass.


Out of that list, I like The Journey Home. No love for Life is Worth Living, though? :frowning: Archbishop Sheen was great!

Is Life is Worth Living actually about Archbishop Fulton Sheen? I didn’t know… :slight_smile:

I voted Daily Mass, but I also really like the Journey Home. :thumbsup:

I like "simulcasts" of Vatican Radio's special events.

I like Fr. Mitch's show about JPll's theology, forgot the name. Then Fr. Groeshals Sunday night..., then women of grace :o, when no ones around.lol

I really enjoy Life on the Rock and Crossing the Goal.

Mother Angelica Live is mine!:)

Mother Angelica live :D


I feel a little guilty that my favorite show is the Shakespeare one...but I enjoy mostly all their programing.

Also the steady volume is so civilized compared to those vulgarians that call themselves Christian...and reason #1 that I responded to the recent operating shortfall. Thanks to Doug the CEO I guess.

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