Favorite Sidekick

As long as we are doing Favorite movies - actors etc…

Who is your favorite sidekicks. Some had brilliant careers just doing that while others did duty as both first and second bananas.

Some of mine…
Eve Arden…
Charles Coburn…
Walter Brennan
Chill Wills
Mary Wickes

Who has more…


Jay Silverheels
Leo Carillo

gotta be Brennan

Harry Morgan [in his '50s TV days]
Jerry Lewis
Lou Costello
Stan Laurel
Ben Alexander [anyone remember who he was? No cheating by looking him up.]

Igor! Couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:

Marie Wilson
Bob Denver
Sheila Kuehl
David Brinkley
Dick Martin
Burt Ward

I am only 17, but I LOVE Walter Brennan. I remember Him in Rio Bravo with John Wayne. (I LOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEE John Wayne movies, its the hick inside of me). He was so old and cute, with the southern drawl and his funny limp and his sayings…

I am not looking this up, but wasn’t Ben Alexander Jack Webb’s first partener on Dragnet? :cool::onpatrol::flowers:

Thelma Ritter

Art Carney has to be my all-time favorite, but also…

Vivian Vance
Vicki Lawrence
Rick Moranis
Dan Aykroyd
Don Knotts
Gracie Allen
Kevin Kline (despite his potty mouth)



Jubilee, from the X-men. She paired often enough with Wolverine that I’m pretty sure she counts as solid sidekick material.


Bill Gannon played by Harry Morgan – you know Gannon went home to wife and kids, maybe belonged to a bowling league. Friday was a robot, I think they just plugged him in to recharge at night.

Colombo/Peter Falk. His character was so offbeat he can’t be called the hero making him his own sidekick, or a hero-less sidekick.

Deputy Festus Hagan of Gunsmoke.

What? No love for Bruce Lee?

He was on the TV series, but I’m not sure about the radio program before. Good going! :thumbsup:

Yes he was great as Kato. Although sadly that show is often treated as the “it ran after the classic 60s Batman show”, which of cause it actually did(on the schedule).

Ed Wynn is probably my favourite supporting actor of all time… Which i guess is what “sidekick” stands for in this thread title. I loved his Disney films, and I just watched his appearence in “One For The Angels”, a classic episode of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone. Then after that I watched the George Steven’s Anne Frank adaptation. He’s truly great in that film.

Also if we’re talking TV shows, Leonard Nimoy, Deforest Kelley and pretty much the rest of the cast of Star Trek apart from the lead(Bill Shatner) has to be here… and especially George Takei.

Burgess Meredith was a great supporting actor too, made a great career out of it. “Mickey” was one of the truly great supporting characters of 20th century film, and that actually came along quite near the end of his long sucessful career. “You’re gonna eat lightenin’, and you’re gonna **** thunder!”

Oh yes, he made The Penguin into probably the best character in the 1960s Batman show, although the role embarrassed him. His neighbor, Larry Hagman, never let him forget it. Hagman installed a loudspeaker on his property, and whenever he saw Meredith outside, Hagman would play a recording of The Penguin’s laughter. Reportedly, this really annoyed Meredith. :o

But the Batman series was second tier to The Green Hornet program. Kato may have been the sidekick, but he made the show awesome. :slight_smile:

I definitely agree with you about the original Star Trek series. It had a great ensemble cast. :thumbsup:

My vote for best sidekick goes to Don Knott’s Barney Fyfe.

I like old movies so most of mine are the older actors like…

Andy Devine

I’m surprised no one has mentioned either … Ken Curtis or Dennis Weaver …Both were sidekicks at different times on the same show.


Racking my brain for this name…Great old actor…seems like he played a lot of cops in the 1930’s and 40’s…

James Gleason…


Someone earlier mentioned whether “sidekicks” meant"supporting actors" - well - yes and no I guess…
I was mainly thinking of those folks who were actual “sidekicks” to folks who were maybe more “character actors”…As soon as you saw them on screen, you knew what you were getting.

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