Favorite slow cooker/ crock pot


I’ve been looking at crock pots - preferably programmable so I can set it to start cooking in the afternoon. I read reviews for Rival, and many of them say it gets too hot, even on low, and cooks too fast.

I have an old slow cooker, the kind you set from 1 to 5. I’d like a little more control and a time cook featuer. It also needs to be easy to clean. Suggestions?? —KCT


A number of years ago, Rival increased the heat settings on their crock pots because of concern that food stayed a too low a temperature for too long, increasing the risk of food-borne illness. So what was high is now closer to low, and what was low is probably more like “keep warm.” I would buy a programmable one and set it for low temperature cooking with a switchover to “keep warm” much sooner than the recipe calls for.

I’m glad I still have my old crock pot - I’ve never gotten sick from any of the many foods I’ve cooked on low heat over the years.



We have a Rival from 2001. It works pretty well, although it is a lower-end model and only has three settings: high, low and off. The temperatures seem to be pretty accurate, though. Recipes that say “4 hours on high, 8 hours on low” work perfectly at those times and settings. The best feature is that the inner cooking pot lifts out completely which makes it so much easier to clean than the old ones which are all one piece. Don’t even bother buying one without the removable pot.

We’re in the market for a new one, only because ours is a 3.5 quart and we would like something a bit bigger. I’ve been looking at the fancy programmable ones with button pads. :thumbsup:


I just bought an old-style classic Rival 2 qt crockpot on sale at Stuffmart for 8.94, the newer larger ones are way too big for us. this is the best way to slow cook grass fed beef and free range poultry, which should be cooked on slow low heat for best tenderness and flavor. also the best way to cook steel cut oats, which DH eats all winter. also the best way to make soup on amounts we can eat in a day or two. making chili to last the weekend (norther came through and it will be 50s and rain all weekend, perfect chili weather.) I do have the little one quart but it does get too hot, has only one setting, but good for gravy or sauces for pot-lucks and dinners.


The Flylaby brags about one brand but I can’t remember which one she preferes . I have a 17 year old Rival . It’s still going strong .


We have an ancient Rival (unprogrammable, off-low-high). Its temps are already pretty high; it gets things done even on “low” in considerably less time than the recipes call for.

I will be following this thread, because I too would like to get myself a programmable. Some things I make require only 5-6 hours of cooking, and I would like to have the thing turn itself on, rather than having to call Miss Bonnie from work and have her turn it on.


Annie, do you have a recipe for those steel cut oats? My DH wants to try them in the crockpot.


no recipe just whatever amount of water it says on the box (we use RO or filtered water here) put it in the pot on low before bedtime. We make it once a week, put in covered pyrex or corning ware bowls and mike it each morning with the milk or whatever. I hate oatmeal, but DH and MIL like it, and the instant has way to much additives and hi GI load.




JC Penney has a Cooks brand on sale Saturday from 8am to 1pm. 6.5 Qt, removeable crock and 1 - 8 hour programmable timer. I haven’t found any reviews on it though. —KCT


oooh I do like the new crockpots with removable pot and unbreakable lid, and they are so much easier to clean outside. chili meat turned out great–did 3lbs of ground lean beef, 1 lb is with beans and seasoning as chili, 1 lb for taco filling, and 1 lb will be for spaghetti sauce. it is frozen in 8 oz portions, and we are noshing on the chili all weekend.

I will be doing a small boneless turkey breast today (no I did not cook Thursday, dinner at church with the St. Vincent group serving the poor). I am going to make fish and clam chowder tomorrow.

my wedding present Rival 3 qt lasted 30 years of almost daily use, but it has taken me this long to buy a new one.

DD’s big one (looks like 6 qts, it is huge enough for a big beef roast) is a Rival as well and she loves it. She had another brand as a gift which did not heat and cook evenly, sunbeam I think. she thinks the secret is the crock itself being properly made.


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