Favorite song at the moment?

I have been listening to the same song over and over again.

Rockstar by Nickelback. I have the lyrics memorized already.

what do you listen to?

For the past month I have been listening to Disciple, a Christian hard rock band. If you like Nickelback, check out Disciple, you may like them, they are pretty heavy at times, but can slow it down with the best of them. They are not afraid to mention Jesus in their lyrics.


Recently it’s been “Jerusalem” by Matisyahu. My son heard it at camp, and it turned out I had on my iPod. Very enjoyable song if Hasidic Reggae appeals to you. :slight_smile:

megan 2k2 (even though it’s 2k3 now) by reggie and the full effect.

An oldie with many interpretations: Route 66!

Workingman’s Blues #2 -Bob Dylan

I was listening to Rockstar the other day. Which of Nickelback’s cd’s is that on anyways?
I have three favorites at the moment. Jame Blunt’s new single ‘1973’, Franz Ferdinand’s ‘I’m your villian’, and Donovan’s ‘Hurdy Gurdy Man’.

These lyrics have been on my mind lately.

Came in this morning high on a bird’s wing
Quite open minded but still quite aware
Followed the sunrise right through from dawning
Picking out landmarks that said I was there

Led to positions by stern faced leaders
Who never let one smile depart from their face

Then with an arm raise the slaughter is started
One or two crack up and start to cry
Selfishness breeds in this cesspool of sorrow

Every few moments I see I friend die
Synchronized watches flash in the sunlight
As into the battle we are all led

Killer, killer, keep your thoughts at bay

Maiming, destroying, every single day
Is this the way that you get your fun
Slaying, waylaying, in the heat of the midday sun

get out, get out, go and do your job
Rape and pillage, squander all and rob
You make me sick, getting paid for murder
You wouldn’t lay a finger on your mother, oh no
You never ever dream to hurt her

Hero, hero, you have done so well
So sit back and lick your wounds, cause you won’t go to hell
Take your medal, wear it now with pride
Consolation for the pain and sin you feel inside

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

Now I have two: Where’d You Go by Fort Minor and What Goes Around, Goes Around by Justin Timberlake

Miserere Mei…haha :slight_smile:

Favorite song right now is Broken Heart by Falling up.

The Special Two - Missy Higgins

My favorite is Your the Reason God Made Oklahoma- the version Blake Shelton and Miranda did

Whistle for the Choir by The Fratellis and You Don’t Know What Love Is by The White Stripes.

I just downloaded that Justin Timberlake song yesterday. I usually am not a fan of his music, but that song is very good.

Have you listened to any of their other music? Their one of my favorite bands. Thats my favorite song by them.

Shine Jesus Shine.

I am dating myself when I tell you I just got Deep Purple’s “Made In Japan”


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