Favorite songs about family life


What are some of your favorite songs – Christian or secular – about family life? Feel free to share them here. :slight_smile:

Here’s a hymn that DH and I used to sing at the piano when we were first married… and now I sing it to my babies. It’s so simple, yet beautiful and inspiring.

“Sing of Mary, Pure and Lowly”

Sing of Mary, pure and lowly
Virgin mother undefiled.
Sing of God’s own son most holy
Who became her little child.
Fairest child of fairest mother
Lord of all, who came to earth
Word made flesh, our very brother
Takes our nature by his birth.

Sing of Jesus, son of Mary
In the home at Nazareth.
Toil and labor cannot weary
Love enduring unto death.
Constant was the love He gave her
Though He went forth from her side;
Forth to preach and heal and suffer
Till on Calvary he died.

Such precious images! I wish there were more hymns about the Holy Family’s domestic life. :slight_smile:


My favorite singer on family life is Marie Bellet. She’s a Catholic mom with a large family and she mostly sings about finding holiness in everyday activities.

My favorite is probably “Morning Offering” which begins with

Maybe if I could get up just a little earlier, I could find some peace for myself.
I would carefully and quietly tiptoe past the bedroom doors and grab a coffee mug down from the shelf.
And I’d request a private audience with Him.
A secret meeting in the morning, light still dim.
And I’d say, :Here I am. Take all I have today.
Take my hands, take my mouth make the words that I say.
Take this cluttered heart. Make it simple and sure to obey.
Here I am. Take all I have today."
(It continues on with her being interupted by a child while she’s praying.)

Another one she sings that I really like is called He’s a Daddy. It begins:
Who is that man sitting there at my table?
He’s the vision of ready and willing and able.
The subject of many a legend and fable.
He is a Daddy.
(It contines by singing the praises of a self sacrificing father.)


I love one by the Irish Tenors. I’m not sure of the name but it says
"life is an ocean, and love is a boat. in troubled waters, it keeps us afloat. When we started the voyage there was just me and you, and now gathered 'round us, we have our own crew."
I love the picture of a large family painted in it, and the focus on the marriage and the beauty of it. I, for one, struggle with making sure my husband is my first priority and that my children’s welfare will naturally follow well.
Marie Bellet is excellent, too, as a previous poster mentioned. There is another one about (I guess) her Dad, who must’ve died. I found it to be incredibly profound for me when my own beloved Dad passed away. I think it’s called, “Daddy’s Song”


Coming Around Again by Carly Simon


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