Favorite Space and/or Alien movie

watching Close Encounters, still one of my top 10 all time favorite movies any genre, hard to believe it is 30 yrs old

what is your favorite space epic or alien encounter movie, or sci fi?
give reasons if you wish, and give your favorite director or actor noted for the genre as well

decided not to do a poll since there are so many

still love ET, liked Star Wars1 but never got into the series, thought the Star Trek movies were too campy, but watched every episode of the original TV series in re-runs as a newly wed and new mother when DH worked nights, still some great TV there. did not care for the 2nd generation Trek

“Signs” is my favorite (Mel Gibson). It is so intense. But I also like the original Stargate movie and Independance Day for aliens and camp. :smiley:

Stargate was awesome! The series is/was horrible (is it still being made?).

I also loved the first Alien - I thought that was fantastic, and I don’t really like being scared.

Then there is War of the Worlds - all time classic.


Stargate and SG-1 are amazing, and I liked Signs. Contact was another good one, though I wish they’d showed more of Ellie’s journey. Oh, and Zathura was a really fun space movie.

Fantastic Planet
The Day The Earth Stood Still (the original, thanks)
Save the Green Planet (oddball Korean flick about a dangerous lunatic who thinks his boss is an alien… and is quite possibly right)
The Thing (John Carpenter’s version)
Heavy Metal

In no particular order, these are movies I could (and have) watched over and over again:
Forbidden Planet
Star Wars
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Independence Day
Men In Black
Mars Attack
The Thing (original version)
When Worlds Collide
The Planet of the Apes
2001 A Space Odyssey
The War of the Worlds

I don’t really care for the remakes or the sequals, except for the second Alien.

Over rated:
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
All of the Star Trek movies
Starship Troopers


What was that old one, with the earthman and the alien trapped together on a barren planet, and the alien ends up giving birth and dying, and the earthman raises the alien child? Enemy Mine, that’s it. Cheesy effects but cool movie.

*The Day the Earth Stood Still *(old one)

Also, there is a great “green” movie called Silent Running, where Bruce Dern is driving all of earth’s environments around space to preserve them. The robots are adorable–Huey, Duey, and Louie.

Does *Terminator II: Judgement Day * count?!

The original series ended last year, apparently (Sci-Fi shows so many reruns that I hadn’t noticed–it still seems to be on TV whenever I want to watch some good sci-fi!). But the spinoff Atlantis is still going.

Like you, I don’t understand what people see in this. It has had some good episodes, but compared to some of the shows that have been canceled (Firefly, anyone?), it’s junk.

The movie was OK, I thought.

In response to the OP (no surprise since I just mentioned Firefly), I’d second the nomination of Serenity. An excellent movie that didn’t make enough of a splash.


Serenity or Star Trek VI (the murder mystery) for drama
Galaxy Quest for humor
Alien for scary as all getout

I like many that were mentioned above, but I just purchased and watched the Taken mini-series, an alternative treatment (what-if) of the flying saucer/alien abduction theme since WWII. We had watched it when it was on the Sci-Fi channel, and I really enjoyed watching it again. Dakota Fanning’s performance was marvelous.


Space Cowboys
Donald Sutherland, Clint Eastwood, and Tommy Lee Jones in the same movie…yummy!


Stargate: SG1 ran 10 seasons and ended a year ago. There have been 2 direct-to-DVD movies with a third one planned.

Amanda Tapping is getting her own series which starts on SciFi Channel this Friday. Michael Shanks will be a semi-regular on Burn Notice.

Stargate: Atlantis will end after this season.

Stargate: Universe will begin. I have no details on storyline.


A nice thread: a lot of people don’t understand that SF can be a better medium for addressing philosophical issues than ‘mainstream’ books or films.

From that perspective, I’d have to say 2001 is high on my list, since it looks at what might come next for the species, not just in tech terms, but on a much more profound level.

Not a ‘space’ film, but if we stretch the definition of ‘alien’ to include robots, Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’ is phenomenal, a deserved classic that asks important questions about social justice.

And if I’m allowed that definition of ‘alien’, I think my all time #1 would be Blade Runner: a fine action pic if you ignore the philosophical aspects, but look deeper and it asks an amazing question: when does an android become human? It actually has the nerve to answer it: the moment he begins to value the lives of others, not just his own.

Yep, I catched a bit of a Stargate episode and it was horrible, I don’t know if the rest are as bad.

I’ve never fully seen Aliens or Stargate the movie, but I will.

I like Close Encounters and Planet of the Apes. I like Independence Day for its campiness.

I remember a bit of Enemy Mine.

The best movie was “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”…I’m kidding, I’m kidding!..wow they did a great job of butchering a favorite book of mine.

Forbidden Planet.

Our own sinfulness will destroy us.

I don’t understand why so many people are down on Stargate: SG1. The show ran for 10 years, longer that any other SF show besides Doctor Who. Of course there were some stinkers and the Ori stories were mediocre but I think that, overall, it was very good. IMO, only Farscape was better.


That’s why I’m down on it. (You are not seriously suggesting that there’s a necessary link between popularity and quality, are you?) I don’t think it was a completely worthless show. I just don’t get why it was good enough to run that long, when many better shows were canceled.


And good music by Joan Baez, too!

Forbidden Planet

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