Favorite Summer Olympic sport?

The Summer Olympics are so much fun to watch!

I prefer Winter Olympics, of course (see my sig), but I certainly enjoy the Summer Games, too.

What’s your favorite summer Olympic sport?

I love the gymnastics and the equestrian events.

I love the gymnastics too, and the aquatic events, especially the diving. I can barely swim a stroke and I’m scared of deep water, but I love to watch those who can!

Swimming! I was a swimmer as a kid and I still love the feel of swimming laps. I get a lot of tips to improve by watching all those underwater shots!

But then, I’ll watch pretty much any Olympic sport even if I don’t have the first clue what the rules are, like handball. It’s sort of like hockey I guess. I found water polo really exciting because if you screw up there, you can drown. :smiley:

JUDO! Judo, Judo, Judo, Judo, JUDO!!!


Massively popular around the world, but in America, holds about the same interest as curling in the Winter Olympics…:confused:

swimming,beach volleyball, volleyball,basketball,and the track was good as well. I feel NBC could have done better in the telecast, seems that other news shows were revealing who won medals before we got to see the actual telecast. I still like the olympics

I too just lurve… gymnastics!! I also like the relay, hurdles and 100m.
I,like you prefer the winter olympics. Which I find weird because I hate snow and have a fear of snow.:shrug:

The closing ceremonies.

To watch? Swimming and Track. Tennis today was disappointing.

Everyone here in the UK is raving about the Olympics. I have not watched any of it. NOT INTERESTED ONE BIT! :banghead:

I’ve been sort of watching the evening programming because my Spousal Unit is a superfan, and that’s what’s on when I’m in the living room.


So many to choose from, I like the big ones like swimming, diving, track, and volleyball, but it is also fun to see some of the smaller ones like archery and water polo. I’m not usually big into sports, but I do really enjoy watching both olympics.

I like the men’s gymnastics. I know the women get most of the coverage and attention, but I always find the combination of grace with incredible strength from the men to be amazing.

These events I’ve loved watching since I was a tot

Gymnastics (both men and women)

I’ve recently become very interested in the marathon too. It’s a sport that’s more relateable to me.

I like the beach volleyball. Awsome sport!

My sons Fencing coach is in the GB Olympic Team :slight_smile:

I like fencing a lot, too (used to do it in college, saber and epee).

I will cheer for acacia12’s son’s coach, as acacia12 is my co-religionist. :slight_smile:

gymnastics is the only one I really watch. 20 years ago when the First Drean Tean debuted I was obsessed with the NBA and tried to watch as many games as I could (Which was a little difficult…time delays and we may have been on vacation…can’t remember). And this year, the USA Women’s Volleyball team cause a former Cornhusker (Univ. of Nebraska) player is on the team…GO USA and Jordan Larson!

other than that, I did watch swimming when there was nothing else on.

I like judo, badminton, table tennis, handball, water polo, boxing, beach volleyball, weight-lifting and the track and field events.

It amazes me that people can play volleyball 2 on 2. In the sand.

They have to play for practically the whole two weeks on the Olympics just to possibly earn one medal. Swimmers can swin back and forth a few times and get six medals. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I like the Trampoline. I think I just find it amusing that bouncing on a trampoline is an olympic sport. :smiley:

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