Favorite Super Bowl commercial

First off, WAY TO GO, GIANTS!!! :thumbsup:

Here’s my picks for the best commercials:

Tie for first: The Budweiser Clydesdale “Rocky” commercial
The Best Super Bowl story (about the walk-on for the Houston Texans… you know, the oboe guy!)

Second place: The Coca-Cola balloons–with Stewie from “Family Guy” and Underdog fighting for the Coke and Charlie Brown gets it!

Third place: (also a tie, both Pepsi) the Justin Timberlake commercial
the “bobbing heads” commercial

Your turn. Your favorites?

I only remember three good ones… and you have them all listed there:shrug:

I liked the baby at the computer!

**“I underestimated the creepiness factor.”

None of the commercials really impressed me, all I could think was “They spend that much money for THIS?!”**

I didn’t get to see most of them, I didn’t get to start watching till half time. Are the good ones on YouTube?



I thought the Bridgestone ones were funny - especially the first one with the animals screaming. I liked when they cut to the bug and you could barely hear him.

Thanks for that link - that was fun to see all the ones I missed!

I guess my favorite has to be the Bud horse Rocky spot - I actually cried (which is not much of a stretch, I cry at just about anything). :rolleyes:


That was my favourite too. I also liked the car commercial with the guy from “The Godfather” with the bumper in the bed instead of the horse head.

Oh yes! I forgot that one actually - that was good. And I even liked the dancing lizards - they were cute.


They were cute! The one where Matt Hasselbeck gets a fan letter asking for Brett Favre’s autograph is funny too.

Bud Lites, “Wine and Cheese Party” was my favorite.

Wine and Cheese Party or the SUPER BOWL:rolleyes:

:stuck_out_tongue: Would also like Bret Favre’s Autograph

I’m pretty sure I saw this one during the last game with the Packers…Hmmmm. I think it’s not a new for the SB ad. But it was cute!


I never saw it before, but you could be right. I really don’t pay attention to the commercials during other football games.

The Alice Cooper in the road like a deer in headlights and the guy swerves to avoid him, but hits the gas when he sees Richard Simmons doing jumping jacks…LOL

I liked the baby at the computer too, it’s appropriate around these parts nowadays. We have a little puker ourselves!:thumbsup:

I forgot about the Sobe lizards dancing to “Thriller”…

Going to the other extreme, does anyone else agree that Dell had the dumbest commercials?

I didn’t watch all the commercials, so I am not sure about dumbest, but I thought the one of the creepiest was where the heart plops out of woman’s chest and goes toddling over to her bosses office, and then out the door.

USA Today allows readers to vote online for their favorite commercials. Here are the poll results:

Among the ones you all listed, I like:

  • the talking stain during a job interview.
  • the ability to breath fire from drinking Bud Lite. (In fact, anything that involves torturing cats get my vote. Was that out loud?)
  • the dancing lizards to “Thriller”

I agree. I thought that was dumb. I also thought the car fender in the bed was dumb because I didn’t “get it”. I don’t remember the Dell commericals.

hmmm… you might be interested in this UK commercial for Ford
(warning: not for cat lovers)

But yes, I liked the dancing lizards too. Naomi Campbell didn’t look half bad, either. :slight_smile:

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