Favorite time period to live as a Catholic

Fortunately, I kinda span both of those periods. I kinda agree that where I am time wise is where I belong.

Sometimes, I wonder how I’d respond, living in the first century, in the middle east.



My top three choices, not counting my own time period:

  1. The distant future
  2. 1st century Palestine
  3. 17th century, Catholic Counter Reformation

I cannot occur with 75-05. Much if that time was a difficult time to be a Catholic, at least where I lived. During the first 29 years of that time period, we were practically told not to pray the rosary (it was just a tote prayer), there was no benedictions, adorations,. Confessions were only offered once a week, my home town went through a period of standing during the Eucharistic prayer, vocations were way down, ugly churches were being built. I could go on and on. I will grant you it was really special to live through JP IIs pontificate.

As yo the answer to your question, perhaps the 1st century.

Your last choice would largely depend on where one lived.

30 AD because maybe I could have met Christ. 30 AD in Israel that is. I often wonder if… I was a Jew in Israel during Christ’s earthly life, what would I have thought of Him? Would I have believed in Him? Would I have not cared? What kind of woman would I had been?
I also would love to had met St John the Baptist. And the Apostles…


I’m always afraid I would have been one of the many who left when he started up with the “eat my flesh and drink my blood” stuff. I fear I would have said, “This man is insane”.


That was in private at the Last Supper, with the Apostles. Neither of us would have been there because that was a male-only-dinner. :smiley:

John chapter 6 is the likely reference.


If you believe the words now as you read them in the bible and hear them from a priest, why do you doubt you would believe them if you heard them from His own mouth?

I would think it would only be easier to believe back then. Especially considering the extreme persecution everyone went through as they flocked to the truth, the truth must have been pretty evident. Back then a whole empire was converted and everyone was joining the Church. I think it’s much harder for most to believe now that everyone is leaving. It is to God’s immense credit that any of us still has faith in this nihilistic world.

That’s true, but when Jesus made the comment initially (John chapter 6), it was to a large mixed group of followers, and Scripture says many of them stopped following him.
It wasn’t just that it sounded like cannibalism, but also, observant Jewish people never consumed blood.

He asked the Twelve if they were going to leave also, and Peter said, “Lord, where would we go?”


Let me live the 1990’s on repeat a few times. So much good music and enthusiasm in the world.

Absolutely the 4th century before legalization. Not because I think it’s better but just because I’m so curious what the church and being a Christian was like before it was legal. I’d also be really interested in any time between about 800 and 1200 when monasteries still had a strong relationship with the average church in the West.

Right after the Second Coming.


but you miss out on the starvation and the plague of antioch

I would only want to live during the time padre pio was alive and in his prime, then I would just become one of his female laity followers and go to his masses.

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I have to admit, now. We have the most access to Carholic writings in all of history! And hot water heaters!

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I’m pretty sure they used to hold mass in catacombs before legalization.

I think you nailed this question in a way I would not have thought of. There’s no better time to worship than now! And God formed us just now for a reason, now all we have to do is try to live up to that will.

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In spite of all the nonsense we have to put up with from the larger secular society, I’d vote for right now. As another poster pointed out, we have so much knowledge of the Faith available to us online, and what Catholic fellowship we can’t find “in real life”, we can find online in places just like this one. I would choose to live within a short distance of a diocesan Latin Mass at least once a week (preferably every day), something I cannot do right now. From a temporal standpoint, it is easy to live a simple, decent, frugal life. That could change in an instant, but for right now, I treat it as a precious gift from God.

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