Favorite Tridentine Mass settings

What’s your favorite Tridentine Mass setting.
My favorite setting is the Missa de Angelis.

Orbis Factor :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Hello, CathMass!

Sorry, but if you don’t mind, I’m going to take your question in anoher context, at least as regards the word “settings.”

For sentimenntal reasons, my favorite “Tridentine Mass setting” was most likely sometime in 1978, in the expansive garden of a big house we were renting in Southside Baton Rouge, Louisiana, under a canvas roof, or at least the celebrant and his improvised altar were.

A competent Dominican Priest, no longer with the ORCM but still with his particular rite, good altar boys, bees buzzing busily about, ever conceivable flower and blossom in bloom, birds chirping their little hearts out, maybe 50 to 75 in attendance.

In a word?


“Forget God in His heaven, 'cause God was There!”

I’ll never forget it as long as I shall live…


I like RR Terry’s setting. Rarely hear it though, alas.


Mass IV is hauntingly beautiful, although my favorite Kyrie is from Mass IX.

Then you should enjoy these:




I like the Orbis Factor and R.R. Terry’s Mass, too. I didn’t know others knew about Terry.

I like the Orbis Factor too. That and the R R Terry one are tricky to sing, but it’s quite satisfying when you’ve mastered them! Don’t get to sing either much though. It’s all Missa De Angelis most of the time. Which is fine, of course.


Thank you for the links, Triumpha.

The church in the video was breathtaking and the singing was heavenly.

But then again, I am prejudiced since that’s *my *church *and *I sing in the choir! :thumbsup:

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