Favorite video games?

Since Rascalking has a thread going about Overrated video games, I decided to start one where we talk about our favorite video games. (Hope you don’t mind my starting it Rascalking! :thumbsup:)

For me: NES’s Super Mario Bros. trilogy will always hold a special place in my heart.

During the summer of 1989 my cousin brought her Nintendo over and my house became the place for the neighborhood kids to hang out. That Christmas, nearly ever kid on the block got a Nintendo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Super Mario Bros. 2 was great b/c you had 4 players to choose from. I LOVED Princess Toadstool b/c she could “fly” the longest. Luigi annoyed me b/c his legs flapped around. :mad: Not as much “variety” of lands compared to Mario 1 but that was okay.

Super Mario Bros 3 = I STILL LOVE IT!!! Level 2 (I call it Sun Land) is my favorite. I HATE level 6 (Ice Land!!) and try to avoid it at all costs.

Another NES favorite of mine is DuckTales (yes, based off of the cartoon/movie). I LOVED going to the different lands! Land Mine was my favorite area to play, Moon Land was not.

Last NES favorite: Paperboy. What 80s child didn’t play this game?! Also, was I the only one who “died” on a Monday or Tuesday? :blush:

Now onto Sega…I LOVED Sonic!!! Such a fun game but you had to be ridiculously fast! :eek:

Now it’s your turn to reminisce! have fun! :thumbsup:

Oh, Kim-I mind terribly-how dare you! :wink:

My favorites are Final Fantasy VII (the greatest game of all time), Golden Sun for GBA, and Resident Evil 4 for the Gamecube.

I totally missed out on the NES era because my mom claimed that Nintendo systems burned out the TV. I think she just didn’t want it distracting us from our homework. :frowning:
I did get to play Mario 3 and Zelda at my cousin’s house, and those were my favorites.

We did eventually get an SNES for Christmas one year, and that was the golden age of video gaming for me. My first games (and some of my all-time-favorites) were Super Mario World, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy III (VI in Japan), Super Metroid, Mario Kart, and Super Mario RPG. Some of those games are just legendary now.

If I had to pick a favorite it would be Link to the Past.

On the PC, my favorite games were Dune 2 (the beginning of RTS games), Age of Empires 2, Half Life, Maniac Mansion (a very old school late 1980s game), Alley Cat (another 1980s game), Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle (1990s), Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (2000s), Tie Fighter (1990s), Final Fantasy XI online, FF7 (I played it on PC), and any current incarnation of Call of Duty.

I loved DuckTales too!!! I had it, then lost it, and my mom found one at a pawn shop a couple years ago, so she got it again :slight_smile: Also for NES, one of me and my mom’s favorites is StarTropics. Anybody else play that game? They made a sequel to it for SuperNES I think, StarTropics 2: Zoda’s Revenge.

I also enjoyed *Paperboy *and I really liked Excitebike :thumbsup:

One of the most underrated Mega Drive(Aka Sega Genesis) classics of all time!

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker!

The game was one of the most fun beatemup platformers of the 90s. Especially the golden axe style special dance move sequences. In hindsight the plot was really wacky… but it had one fine soundtrack though.

The master system’s version of Shinobi is one of my fav classic games as well.

Absolutely FFVII!!!

And FF13 is pretty awesome.

And I cannot believe noone has mentioned Zelda! Seriously, one of the best games ever made. Zelda was, is, and forever will be one of the top 5 games EVER.

But thats just one mans opinion.


Well this one woman’s opinion: I didn’t like Zelda. :rolleyes:

:eek:Say it aint so!!! Did you at least enjoy FFVII?

I think I mentiond how great Zelda is on another thread…I like most of the Zelda games .

I never played any of the FF games. The closest I got to something like that (or so I was told) was ChronoCross. But I don’t know if that’s accurate since I never played the FF to compare. :shrug:

I only owned a NES for less than a weekend, until i totalled it by leaving it outside in the rain…

Never missed it though… as i already had an Amiga 500 with about 100 games on it(use to tease my friends about owning a 16-bit system about 5 years before everyone else caught up), and later in 92 a Sega Master System 2, a few years later a Sega Mega Drive.

I mean compare the Nes version of bionic commando, TMNT, to the one I had… or the genesis versions of altered beast, The first samurai, Toki, speedball, alien syndrome or Golden Axe to the one I was enjoying on the Amiga. best 16bit system, only rivaled by SNES really. if Super mario was on Amiga, Commodore would still be around and nintendo wiukd be broke instead… would have looked like mario all stars did…

Donkey Kong 64
Zelda Ocarina of Time
Dragon Age Origins
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
Wizardy 8 (my personal favorite)

Ah, how much of my childhood (and college years) was spent playing video games… :o

Kim, I loved playing with Luigi in SMB 2 for NES. :wink: He was the only one I’d play with because he jumped the highest (even if a bit difficult to control). Have you tried the New Super Mario Bros. game for the Wii? It has the most in common with SMB 3, including the long awaited return of the Koopa kids! :slight_smile:

I never did play the NES Zelda games, but I love all the rest of them (though I still haven’t gotten around to playing Twilight Princess…since I’ve had kids, my video game time ain’t what it used to be :rolleyes: ;)). It’s really hard for me to pick between “Link to the Past”, “Ocarina of Time”, “Majora’s Mask”, and “Wind Waker.” So I won’t. :slight_smile:

I must confess that I really enjoyed “Goldeneye”. That’s how I spent my sophomore year of college (along with Mario Kart 64). :o Everyone on my floor at my dorm would come to play. I’d have to hold back so as not to beat them too badly. That is, until I wanted them to leave so I could do something else. Then I’d kick it into high gear until they’d get frustrated and storm off. Ah, the good ol’ days…

I always enjoyed the Mega Man games for the NES. My favorite was always Mega Man 3. There was the neat trick where if you held down the left arrow pad on the second player’s controller, you could jump super high and also fall into pits without dying.

I sooooo looked forward to “computer day” in 6th grade–we had Oregon Trail!! I LOOOOOVED that game!!! I’d put in names of people that I liked and didn’t like and hoped the latter would die sooner than the former. (I realize now that that was wrong but cut me some slack. I was in 6th grade! :blush:) I need to do some research to see if there are any *Oregeon Trail *PC games available for purchase now. That would be so much fun!

I also LOVED playing Where in the US/World Is Carmen Sandiego?

says in New York Bronx accent “HELL-LO!! World Wide Travels” My world geography was (is :blush:) is STILL lousy but oh how I loved that game (and the TV show! :thumbsup:)

And Rascalking you goofball! You know you love this thread I started. And you inspried me to start it! :thumbsup:

Ha! Did you and I go to the same grade school? :stuck_out_tongue: That was the perennial favorite at my school, too, for our bi-weekly computer class on those ancient Apple computers with floppy discs that were actually floppy.

Joe, depends on where you grew up. :wink: I had those HUGE floppy discs too! Were the words/images on your computer screen also green? :stuck_out_tongue: (bad rhyme, I know :blush:)

We played those games as well in school. I think we are all revealing ourselves to be children of the 80’s. :smiley:

Did anyone else have a Commodore 64?
And Carmen San Diego RULED! Both the PBS game show and the video games!

Oregon trail had an addicting sequel as well!

What was the sequel of Oregon Trail?

Maeglin~I don’t mind admitting I’m a child of the 80s. I just mind when a child of the 00s makes me feel old. :blush:

It was just called Oregon Trail II. You can probably find it on Amazon. Really, really fun, and endelessly re-playable.

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