Favorite websites apart from CAF?


Now that I have no more university websites to visit (see sig!) I just have the news, really, that I visit.

So, what are your favorite websites apart from CAF?

Do you have any? :stuck_out_tongue:

I kinda like this one:


I’m guessing a lot might be related to nursing, or to those TTC, but I’m still interested to see what you have to say!


There are other websites:confused: :shrug: :hypno: :doh2:



Am I the only one who’s found them? :stuck_out_tongue: (I have to admit, there was a period when pretty much all I would check was CAF, but the demands of edu-ma-cation helped see me though it :D)


Are you referring to comics, blogs, etc?

Well, there’s What Does the Prayer Really Say?

PHD Comics






Anything and all is welcomed, but of course, anything related to our faith is special.

I guess we could all find a few websites we weren’t aware of, but would like if we knew of them.

Your post already got me looking at websites I would never have normally looked at. :thumbsup: :cool:



abc.go.com/primetime/lost/index?pn=index (well, the general message board especially)


catholic-forum.com/saints/patronnf.htm (great for looking up information on saints!)

catholicity.com/ (free Catholic CDs and books)

I also like my facebook page but I have it set so only my friends can view it. :wink:


:thumbsup: www.hgtv.com (The rate my space section has given me some amazing ideas for decorating our home. :slight_smile: )

:thumbsup: **www.tcoyf.com **(I do my charting with the software and really enjoy the forums.:slight_smile: )

:thumbsup: **www.allrecipes.com **(I have gotten so many good recipes on here! :slight_smile: )


Some great links there; just last night at our Bible study we weren’t 100% sure how St Paul was martyred, and our ‘bible explanation’ book didn’t have it. Its great to have a concise list like that!

That rate my space area of hgtv looks inspirational (and my parents leave all the decorating to me to start so :thumbsup:), and its real good to have a recommended recipe source. Some of my previous culinary ‘adventures’ have tasted a touch flat :rolleyes:


Some of my favorites:

www.zenhabits.net Written by a father of 6 - lots of great articles on how to declutter and simplify your life :slight_smile: (scroll down to bottom for list of articles)

www.tripadvisor.com The best site for reading other travelers’ reviews on hotels, sites, tourist attractions, etc. I never book a hotel anywhere without checking here first.

www.imdb.com Internet Movie Database. Everything you ever wanted to know about any movie or TV show ever made :slight_smile:







:thumbsup: **www.rottentomatoes.com **(good movie reviews)

:thumbsup: **www.screenit.com **(parental movie reviews)


I mostly just hang out here, but I also read the daily news on the internet.

Lifesites News lifesitenews.com/ (news related to pro-life issues)

World Net Daily worldnetdaily.com/
(American conservative Christian perspective)

And my local news.



A fun photography website. :slight_smile:

~~ the phoenix, known as CountryDreaming on Flickr




marshmallowpeeps.com/ (Your children will love this one, too.)

synchroboards.com/ (all about synchronized skating)


(pro-life organization that PP considers its greatest threat)

(my favorite radio talk show host’s site; awesome guy!)
](www.feministsforlife.org )


Pro-life organization that PP considers its greatest threat.

My favorite radio talk show host’s site. Read the descriptions and pick a show to listen to. No commercials!

Good Catholic site.


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