Favortie John Wayne Movie

I was wondering what is everyone’s favorite John Wayne movie? I would have to say for me it is True Grit. :smiley:


the Quiet Man
also Maureen O’Hara at her best and vintage John Ford

Oh, there’s so many!!!

Rio Bravo & McClintock!

Definitely a tie between *True Grit *and The Quiet Man. :thumbsup:

“That’s mighty big talk for a one-eyed fat man!”

As big of a movie buff as I am, I haven’t quite gotten into westerns yet. However, the one John Wayne movie I saw was The Cowboys, and though it may have been later in his career, it was an incredible movie on all counts!

“I tend to the gut myself…”

The Searchers

The Shootist

The Cowboys is a pretty good flick

One of the best revenge scenes in any movie, “Lord, forgive me for all the men I’ve killed in anger and for those I’m about to.” youtube.com/watch?v=8EP00VT4khw You don’t kill The Duke and get away with it.

Although the film really does lack any kind of moral compass: the boys only become men through sexual exploits, drunkenness, and violence.

Other than that I like The Quiet Man. Best line, “Sir… Sir… here’s a good stick, to beat the lovely lady” That was back when domestic violence was still funny. :smiley:

See, I disagree with that a little. I think they do those things because that is what they envision men doing, but it is in finishing the drive and their other heroic actions that help make them men.

I don’t know… The ending certainly seems more ambiguous than that. The boys go out and do a little bit of whiskey drankin’, a little bit a whorin’, and then finally a little bit of retribution. The final act that turns them into men isn’t standing heroically in the face of adversity but rather their cruelness and hardness of heart as they get revenge on the villain.

Perhaps I’m not remembering the end clearly - it has been a while since I saw it. I remember them trying to get the women in the woods before the cook interrupts them. They drink all of the whiskey that night by the campfire. Then Bruce Dern and the others showed up, the boys served them justice, and then finished the drive before returning home to Wayne’s wife. Are my events out of order?

Mine is “The Horse Soldiers”.

My #2 is They Were Expendable, one of the bleaker WWII movies

Me too. I was scared of banshees forever after I saw that as a kid :rotfl:

The Quiet Man and McClintock.

I also really like Red River, that would have to be a tie with Fort Apache for my #2 spot :smiley:

There is great little Catholic movie he made with Donna Reed, “Trouble Along the Way.” By the way, it is not a Western.


I recommend that you all watch it.

I like that one too. but couldn’t recall the name. Thanks for the brain nudge.:smiley:

My favorite is Hatari about catching animals for zoos. I was in 2nd grade when I saw that at the movie theater and fell in love with John Wayne!en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hatari!
Loved True Grit too though.

Lol cute. My husband is jealous because I have a blanket with John Wayne on it (came with a shotglass to match too, that is a different story) He says I like cuddling with the Duke more than him lol. :smiley:

For me it’s a toss up between A Quiet Man and The Green Berets. My dad was a green beret so that movie has been special to since I was a little kid. A Quiet Man is a great rainy Sunday movie. I ALWAYS watch that when it comes on.

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