Favourite book...

Hello all,

just wondering if you have a particular favourite Catholic book
that made a big impression on you (bible aside :-))?

I’m currently reading the Diary of Saint Faustina. I’ll probably read
Life of Jesus Christ and Biblical Revelations by Anne Catherine Emmerich next.

St. Faustina’s diary is excellent. The mutual love between Christ
and St. Faustina is incredibly moving. It speaks of Christ’s
infinite mercy and how His Sacred Heart burns for want of finding souls to dispense His mercy upon! The times when St. Faustina
suffered for the conversion of sinners were very touching too.

Has anyone else read this book?

God bless,

This is a difficult question for me to answer because I’ve got 3 bookcases filled with good Catholic books that helped me come to the Catholic faith and which have enlightened me as to the Catholic world view. But, I’ll list my favorites according to their chronological influence on me.

“The Song of Bernadette” by Franz Werfel. While not a “Catholic” book, per se. It whet my appetite for more Catholic teaching about Mary.

“The Faith of Millions” by Fr. O’Brien (the 1930’s version), which challenged my perceptions of the Church and its teachings.

“The Glories of Mary” by St. Alphonsus de Ligouri, which opened my heart and mind to Marian devotion, and so to the possibility that the Church may be right in what it teaches about her and everything else.

“The Father Brown Mysteries” by G. K. Chesterton taught me more about practical Catholicism than any other work. Then I read some of GKC’s other books, such as “Orthodoxy” (you have to scroll down to get to the text) and “The Everlasting Man”. These last 2 books are availabe online.

The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis.

The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis.
A Story of a Soul by St. Therese.


[quote=Patrick2340]The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis.

What a great little book it is, isn’t it? St. Therese of Lisieux had it memorized and quoted from it often.

Another great little book, based on the teaching of St. Frances de Sales for lay people, is “Light and Peace” written by an Italian priest (I’m too lazy to search through 3 bookcases to find my copy). It is easy to follow and is filled with practical wisdom for living the spiritual life for lay people–much easier to digest than “The Introduction to the Devout Life”, which is St. FdS’s more complete teachings on the topic.

Yes I did read the Diary of St. Faustina and enjoyed it.

My favorites so far:
Mass as Heaven on Earth by Scott Hahn.
Lord Have Mercy by Scott Hahn
Mere Christianity by CS Lewis

Fire Within - by Fr. Thomas Dubay

A Story of a Soul by St. Therese.The Delorus Passion by Anna Katherine Emmerick

Story of a Soul - St. Therese of Liseaux
12 Steps to Holiness and Salvation - St. Alphonsus Liguori
Uniformity with God’s Will - St. Alphonsus Liguori
The God Who Loves You - Peter Kreeft
Back to Virtue - Peter Kreeft
Yes or No? - Peter Kreeft
Making Sense Out of Suffering - Peter Kreeft
The Lord - Romano Guardini

I could put “WOW!” after each title. I love these books.

I consider a book leaving it’s mark if I can actually remember certain points from it–I have terrible reading retention!


Orthodoxy by GK Chesterton would have to be my number 1

um, after that I guess…a few of Scott Hahn’s were helpful. Theology for Beginners was a pretty good one. And uh…also Heretics by GK Chesterton. I read bio of St. Francis of Assisi as well which I really liked. OH. True Devotion to Mary by De Monford would be my second choice…or tied with Orthodoxy. Yeah. :slight_smile:

Augustines Confessions

Summa Theologica

I share in many of the above favorites. Especially Mere Christianity and Confessions.

I’d like to add a relativly new book that may be somewhat controversial. Salvation is From the Jews By Roy Schoeman.

The book helps my faith that there is in fact a redeemtion story to be told and that it is still unfolding.

I love reading anything by Scott Hahn. All the books that have been mentioned seem great, and I hope to read as many as possible!:yup:

One book?

To Know Christ Jesus, by Frank Sheed. It opened my eyes to the Scriptures and to the person of Jesus as no other before or since.

Life of Christ, by Fulton Sheen, is a very close second.

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