Favourite female Youtubers?

Either Catholic related or just in general “women’s stuff” :slight_smile:

Sh0eonhead, Blaire White and Nollagirl504. I like them for different reasons, though. I like Sh0e because of her humor, Blaire for her wisdom and Nollagirl for her compassion.

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I enjoy the channels RebornPure Catholic, What Laura Likes, A Catholic Mom’s Life, Ginny and Eric, The Joy of the Faith, and That Catholic Couple.

The last three are cohosted by couples so have both a male and female host.


That was certainly unexpected :laughing:.
Death is something that a lot of us don’t like to think about so perhaps it’s good that a mortician is talking openly about it?

Emily Wilson

I realised I don’t have favourite female you tubers specifically but Emily Wilson is good if you want Catholic pep talks, Karima Mckimmie for makeup that isn’t caked on. All Things Adrienne if you enjoy girly, lifestyle videos (diet, fashion, beauty, relationships). I don’t know the last two that well so I’m not sure how Catholic/family friendly they are. But I can’t remember them cursing or anything so should be fine.

I enjoy the scientific side of things like skincare at times so I usually watch Lab Muffin Beauty Science.

René from Reborn Pure is great. I like to watch and take part in her live Rosary streams she does occasionally when she gets time.

I am a big believer in education, that we need to inform ourselves. For some reason, we learn how to have a bank account and how to bake pastries and how to get a mortgage, but, what happens in this life to the body of the dead we just leave in the shrouded mystery box.

Lizzie’s Answers is pretty good.

I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I oddly love her channel.

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i’ve l liked Rachel Oates, and while she’s very critical of religion, i like her takes on “christian parenting”. Or more accurately, child abuse being justified by extremely bizarre interpretations of what god wants in family dynamics. look up her videos about Debi Pearl for some of that

Edit: to clarify, i dont think all christian parenting is abuse, just that she talks about some of the really extreme and concerning lengths some people take it to.

I don’t have many female YouTubers that I follow, but this artist I found a bit back has some pretty goofy content and I love her channel. A lot is gear towards tips and tricks for artist, and she sometimes posts some art humor like this video.

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