Favourite Profile Pictures?


As I’ve recently added a profile picture, I’ve started to take notice of other people’s pictures and I’m struck with how lovely and interesting some of them are. The one that really caught my eye, and is the inspiration for this thread, was Mary888’s, so I was wondering whether any of you have any particular favourites.


@thecardinalbird 's photoshop is awesome haha


Thanks Max! I love your profile picture too :smiley:


I like @fredystairs because it makes me feel like I’m conversing with St. Thomas More.

Also any of the ones that have an animal like @Milt 's puppy are really cute


The joy of inside jokes :smiley:


That sideways looking, pink bear freaks me out.


I like my picture as well :stuck_out_tongue:


The fruitcake avatars freak me out too.


Maybe the bear can eat all the fruitcakes and then go take a nap so you’ll just see blank avatars

Problem solved




I like @StephieNorthCo’s because it secretly is an uploaded avatar rather than the default, even though it looks like the default.


Plain letter avatars freak me out.


Do you remember the fruitcake trend that was started by Cruciferi. It was a brief fad on CAF.


It’s making a comeback!


I do. It was so hard on us old people.


I like those with cats, and @somecanadian has quite the majestic-looking cat.


Thank you. He is a lion in his own mind. LOL


A few others that I like are Finn’s and Gertabelle’s. And I really like Angel12’s because the facepalm works for so many threads and posts on here :slight_smile:


I like Trishies avatar very much :slight_smile:
And Cajun Joys.
And Gertabelles
And lots more!


Yes, they’re lovely :slight_smile: yours is too!

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