Favourite Protestant/non-Catholic Hymns!

Some of them are wonderful!

We’ll take original hymns by protestants, or hymns written by protestants from a Catholic inspiration. We’ll also take mistakes - but please make the correction kindly :slight_smile:

Some may be by authors, or be submitted by posters, who would reject the term “protestant”. I apologise if the term offends, but it is getting a bit tricky to write for every sensibility - and I would like to give credit to the hymn anyway!

Here are some of my favourites -

*]Alleluliah, Sing to Jesus William Chatterton Dix
*]On Jordan’s Bank the Baptist Cry Charles Coffin
*]Come Down O Love Divine. From a poem by St Catherine of Sienna, but the familiar translation is by Rev. Richard F. Littledale, and the music by is Vaughan-Williams. I’ve rarely heard it in a Catholic Church :frowning:
*]Love Divine, All Loves Excelling Charle’s Wesley
*]When I Survey The Wondrous Cross Isaac Watts
*]Dear Lord and Father of Mankind John Wittier

This list very much reflects my origins in High-Church Anglicanism, but I hope to get nominations for hymns from a variety of protestant backgrounds.

A Mighty Fortress
Tallis Third Mode

Ein Feste Burg ist Unser Gott!

If great music could prove a theological position, then Bach’s Cantata for the Feast of the Reformation would almost do it! :smiley:

Precious Lord, Take My Hand, by Thomas A. Dorsey

I love *How Great Thou Art *and Amazing Grace.

And at the moment, I am into My Jesus, My Saviour (Shout to the Lord), although I don’t think it is really as good musically as the other two I’ve mentioned.

Yeah, you’ve really got to give the Protestants credit especially on things like:
*]For All the Saints
*]Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones
*]Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise
*]O God Beyond All Praising
*]How Great Thou Art
And is there anything you can’t sing to the Old 100th? What a great little tune.

For All the Saints is one of my all time favourites! Stirring words, and a stirring tune. I only recall singing it once in a Catholic Church. That was in Canada - I don’t think the Australian Catholic Church has heard of it.

Wow, I didn’t realize that For All the Saints was written by a Protestant! I love that one.
Most of my favorite Protestant-written hymns are Christmas hymns, like Hark the Herald Angels Sing (Charles Wesley).

I would have to say (even though it was based on a Catholic poem from the - 10th century? - medieval ages): “O Sacred Head Now Wounded,” as performed by Fernando Ortega. I have only ever heard Protestants sing it . . . come on people - we thought of it first! :smiley:

Also, “Mary Did You Know?” was written by a Protestant, and I like it.

  • I’m a pilgrim *is one of my faves. The link shows a pentecostal preacher sing the song. Amazing, so upbeat and full of joy :slight_smile:


I’ll fly away is another one I like.

All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name.
To be honest, I really wish we would sing this on the feast of Christ the King. It would be perfect!:smiley: But then again… It’s a protestant hymn.


Two songs I love-and from mainstream radio-one is on the wings of a snow, white dove-and the other is I can only imagine, by Mercy Me. The first song I don’t remember who sings it yet it was a big hit from the '50s era-my mom used to play it all the time when I was growing up-and she was catholic, too. As for Mercy Me, I can only imagine-that song brings goose bumps every time I hear it-sometimes leads me teary-eyed. :blush::thumbsup:

I forgot to mention on the previous post that the song by Ocean, Put your hand in the hand of the man who stilled the water…the man from galilee-oh-how I love that song, too-lots of awesome mainstream Christian music, including one from Sister Jean, Our Father which also played on the radio air waves in the '70s. Many meaningful songs back then. :slight_smile:

As a Methodist, I grew up with many hymns by Charles Wesley. Some of my favorites are:

Oh for a thousand tongues to sing.
Hark, The Herald Angels Sing
Christ, from whom all blessings flow.

Other protestant hymns include:
Amazing Grace (probably my all time favorite)
It is well with my soul
What a Friend we have in Jesus
The Old Rugged Cross
Rock of Ages
and The Doxology

I love those old hymns and could never understand why Catholics did not have them until I understood the truth of the Eucharist.

Thankyou everyone for your responses! This is just what I hoped for in starting this thread - a recognition of what we have received from our Protestant brethren, a celebration of good music from many backgrounds, and something from the heart!

Anyone who ever watched Stacey’s Country Jamboree, a show that originated in Bangor,Maine could never listen to “On the Wings of a Snow White Dove” with a straight face. :smiley:

Put Your Hand, the song by Gene MacLellan, who also wrote Snowbird.

I remember Our Father, it played a lot at home too.

My favorite, Fairest Lord Jesus (played on guitar in the video), had it’s origins in the Catholic faith but the last stanza was written by a Lutheran pastor, Joseph A. Seiss in 1873.

Once again, thankyou to everyone who has thrown in their personal favourites! The variety of backgrounds is most interesting, and even more than I anticipated when I posted.

For the beauty of the earth (trad version)

Be still my soul

Abide with me

Breathe on me breath of God

All creature of our God and King (via St Francis)

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