Favourite Superhero Films?

Myself, I still find Richard Donner’s edit of Superman 2 to be an amazing comic book film, and the best(certainly from a thematic point of view, but also in terms of the action and acting… sadly not so the editing, which was naturally compromised). I still love how the film’s climax is essentially a battle of pure wits at the Fortress of Solitude, with none of the sillyness of Lester’s theatrical version. And Marlon Brando’s restored scenes, almost 20 extra minutes worth, are brilliant(especially the moment he “physically materializes” in front of a surprised Clark in the scene were Supes gets his powers back), finally making sense of his $10 million dollar record paycheck.

I know I probably shouldn’t have, but frankly I also enjoyed the little additions that made the 3 villians seem much nastier, such as Zod’s amusement at brandishing of an AK-47(in the Whitehouse sequence) despite having superpowers.

I still think most great Superhero films owe their basic plot, characters and themes to it(looking accusingly in the direction of The Avengers right now).

It really does feel finally like the real “Part 2” and climax of the wider “Superman” story(which was actually written as 1 epic film screenplay that eventually they originally decided to split into two parts while they were filming it).

Iron Man 1 and 2 because they are redemption stories at the heart. Tony is flawed like we all are and he keeps trying.

Captain America, just because I like it.

Superman I & II
Batman (1966 film)
Batman Returns
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
X2: X-Men United
Spider-Man 1 & 2
The Incredibles
Iron Man 1 & 2
Captain America: The First Avenger
The Avengers

In terms of quality of film, I cannot really see how one can argue against Nolan’s Batman films being the best. I also like the X-Men films.

If the Watchmen film does justice to the book, it is probably up there as well (although I have not seen it).

As good as Michael Caine, Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman are as a supporting cast, they’re got nothing on Marlon Brando, Terance Stamp and Gene Hackman…


The Watchmen film looks the part but is ultimately a let down, it’s a curate’s egg of a move and although Rorschach emerges (to some extent) as the best realised character on-screen a lot of the rest is awful and misses the point by several million light years.

The Dark Knight followed by Superman 2 would get my votes. With X2 coming in third.

I thought the first Iron Man was pretty entertaining, as a movie. It probably helps that he was never one of my favorite comic book titles as a kid.

Never one of mine either, the famous ‘Tony Stark alcoholic’ arc is one I read and some others but I prefered some other Marvel characters.

I really liked the Sub-mariner for some reason. Spiderman, the Fantastic Four, Claremont and Byrne’s X-men, and to a lesser degree Captain America and the Hulk.

I quite like the Sub-Mariner as well, Claremont and Byrne’s X-men was the high point of both men’s work I think. I think only Byrne’s Fantastic Four ever really measured up well to his work on X-men, Some of his stuff in latter years has been pretty poor, although he has never ever descended to the same levels of total insanity as Frank Miller has in the last few years.

I like Peter David’s Hulk, especially the Mr,Fixit period.

I’m less enthusiastic about Byrne’s run at the Fantastic Four. A lot of it (an example being the lumpification of the Thing’s appearance) seemed like retro for the sake of retro, rather than moving the characters forward. I kind of wish he had just stuck with the pencils and left the writing to others.

To tie this into the topic of the thread, I wasn’t crazy about the recent Fantastic Four movies with Jessica Alba as Sue Storm. Jessica Alba?

I wouldn’t have minded her if she could have acted and not just posed looking sexy and hot. I didn’t think much of the actor who played Reed myself. I’ve always viewed Reed as the intellectual James Stewart of the Marvel universe.

Was it the actor, or was it the writing? I haven’t seen that actor in anything else, so I don’t know if it was his limitations or if he just didn’t have much to work with.

That’s a fair point I must say as the writing was pretty poor. Which is a shame as the FF have the potential to be a great movie.

You mean Ioan Gruffudd? He’s actually supposed to be a much better actor than one might suspect from that movie. But he and Alba both had a Dawson’s Creek/puppy dog-like quality that I don’t associate with the Fantastic Four (after all they were adults when I was a kid!) and find disconcerting.

Apparently the FF comic book franchise circa 2012 is not the flagship title it once was?

Incidentally, isn’t it ironic that during the period in which Stan Lee withdrew from the day-to-day running of Marvel as editor-in-chief and delegated his authority to others, with the stated intent of promoting Marvel properties in film and television, that very little that was good or successful got made by Hollywood out of said Marvel properties? It was only after Stan Lee was gone that the floodgates opened and Marvel was able to make a mint out of its stable of superhero characters. Maybe no studio heads were interested until the first Batman movie in 1989 opened their eyes to the potential profits to be made. Still what was Stan the Man actually *doing *during all those years? How did he spend the hours of the day with no editor-in-chief responsibilities?

(shortened by Tomarin)

I’d say he was the comic book superhero equivalent of “the Professor” from Gilligan’s Island. When I was a youngster I was kind of fascinated by Reed Richards’ graying temples. I thought they looked rather distinguished. Now that I am an adult and actually have graying temples, I’m chagrined to discover I look less like Reed Richards than I do like Jonah Jameson. Paarker!

Call me crazy, but it’s a role I can see well-played by Rob Lowe. He’s come a long way since the 80’s!

I think you’re on to something.

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