Favourite Superhero Films?

Took a long time for Marvel to shift sucessfully into films. In fact it wasn’t Batman that convinced them to take a bigger plunge(In fact, arguebally “Batman and Robin” might have given them second thoughts), it was the massive sucess of the 1997/8 film adaptations of little known(outside of comic circles) Marvel properties Blade and Men In Black that convinced them the time was right for X-Men and Spiderman to enter production.

Marvel had originally commissioned Blade and MIB as adaptations of lesser known properties to “test the waters for X-men and Spiderman”, and while they might have been expecting hit films with the two star Negro actors involved(Will Smith and Wesley Snipes), word is that they were truly astounded at how massive the box office returns were for both films, partly due to their lack of physical involvement, in particular in the development of MIB which they pretty much had just handed over to Spielberg’s Amblin entertainment to make without much supervision or credit at all(to the point where most people don’t even realise it was actually the first smash hit Marvel based film), not really expecting it to be given the top class production it thankfully recieved.

No definitely not, due to it’s historical importance Marvel keep trying to make an effort to boost it back to that status but in real terms the X-books are the public face of Marvel nowadays. Still, the first 100 odd issues of FF wil always have an importance no other Marvel title can touch as they laid much of the foundation for a lot of the later things to come in the Marvel universe. The FF has become a bit navel gazing after nearly half a century of constant publication now.

Marvel needs to acquire the rights to Italian Spiderman, IMHO. Some of the best amateur stuff I’ve seen in a long time.

Tu Mera Superman: youtube.com/watch?v=yY-3hlxn2oU

not a favourite… that link is def. worth a watch though


The Rosary praying cameleon in X-men


Spiderman. Both Catholics.

Nightcrawler is most definitely Catholic but whether Spiderman is would be far more questionable, I would tend to side with the view he is a member of a Protestant group as little has ever appeared on panel to show that he is conclusively Catholic and what proof there is would tend to veer more towards him been a Protestant.

Nightcrawler! yes that’s him. Very cool character.

Rather cooler in the comics when he was first shown to be openly Catholic as he was also shown to be generally something of an Erroll Flynn dashing swordsman type who was somewhat flirtatious but also had a deepy engrained sense of morality. He is generally shown in the comics where his role is more prominent as Wolverine’s best friend and their differing approaches are compared quite often, as the latter is usually shown as an atheist or at best agnostic.

One of Nightcrawler’s better moments:-

The Punisher.

gods gonna have to sit this one out! (even though he’s the reason behind everything I’m about to do)

Haha great.

He’s a protestant in the Comic books, but personally I think director Sam Raimi choose to make him a “nominal Catholic” in the film series as that was the form of Christianity he was most familiar with in New York and he just thought it would be cool to have that shot of black Spiderman hanging out with the Gargoyles in number 3(which frankly it was). And it somewhat explains how Spiderman and Eddie Brock ended up in the same church building for diffrent reasons, one looking for salvation and the other vengence.

Thor (masculinity unashamedly)
The X-Men Series, including the Origins movie (those who are different should not be feared)
Batman Begins, the Dark Knight, and all Animated Batman films(shows how easily one person can make a difference)
all Helboy films (it is our decisions which shape who we are)
Captain America (I was just glad to finally find a super hero with a sense of morals!)
Hulk & Incredible Hulk (we don’t have to be slaves to our inner demons)
Ghost Rider (we always have a chance to find forgiveness for our mistakes)
Solomon Kane (though not officially a super hero, he is a hero who wishes only to cleanse the world of evil)
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Anyone is capable of doing what is good, no matter his/her past)
The Phantom (duty before self-service)
The Shadow (the same reason as Ghost Rider)
Men in Black I & II (the job well done is better than fame and fortune)
Iron Man I & II (we’re all human, but we have great potential to do good)

For some reason, Superman does not come high on my list. His disguise is a pair of glasses and a different hairdo. Are people in Metropolis blind? lol

I liked the Superman films, but he doesn’t come high on my list because its hard to relate to him. And yes, what’s wrong with the people of Metropolis especially the Daily Planet who see him twice as often up close!?:smiley:

Batman & Batman Returns and animated series - Quirky Tim Burton storytelling style, but I liked how Bruce is shown as a flawed hero, struggling to turn his tragic history to good. In the animated series, the villains storylines impressed me where some criminals were tragic figures like Harley Quintzel, Jervis Tetch (Hatter), Scarecrow and Mr Freeze. There was an episode where Batman confronts an abusive Arkham asylum guard for mistreating criminals. This was an example of showing mercy to those who harm you,
Batman Begins & The Dark Knight - Again the theme of fighting against inner darkness and choosing to do good not for your own agenda. Plus, Ras al Ghul was an impressive villain!
Spider-Man 1 & 2 - I could relate to Peter’s money struggles, it made him realistic. It is hard juggling commitments and sometimes it can be lonely( not that I have a secret identity;))
The Incredibles - Pure awesomeness! Why isn’t Mr Brad Bird making more of these movies?
The Avengers - I wasn’t expecting it to be this good. Great themes, the dynamics between characters and achieving legendary fights.

You know, that’s a problem I’ve always had with Superman in any medium. I have to say though that the first and second Superman movies with Christopher Reeve are probably the best superhero movies ever made. The villains are pretty effective yet they don’t completely steal the show.

One more quibble with Superman while I’m on the subject. What’s the deal with Lex Luthor? I mean, you have the most heavily powered superhero in existence and your main villain is a guy with no super powers whatsoever? Isn’t that a little imbalanced? If I were Lex Luthor I would be incredibly pleased with myself for having done much with little.

Byrne’s version of Luthor is I think the most inspired. If you want some Superman stories where can be related to (I’ve had the same problem with as you at times) try these ones,

‘For the Man Who Has Everything’ by Alan Moore. Especially noteworthy for a righteously angry Superman been truly terrifying when furious with the villain.

‘Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow’. Also by Alan Moore. Supposedly the last Earth One Superman story and despite been written with all the Silver Age stuff included Superman feels truly human.

‘The Warworld’ arc from the old DC comics Presents title by Jim Starlin where even the Superman who could move worlds is plainly shown to have limits and to be very small against the backdrop of infinity.

I don’t agree with all of Byrne’s changes to Superman many years back now but I think his version of Lex as a corrupt tycoon who couldn’t be easily legally touched and who had personal reasons to hate Superman was worthwhile.

(truncated by Tomarin)

Thanks for the recommendations. I’ve been “catching up” with Alan Moore’s work after paying zero attention to the medium for several decades and so have heard about some of the titles you mention. In fact I’ve been reading his “Supreme” series which prompted my thoughts about Lex Luthor (or Darius Dax as his counterpart in Supreme is called) as stated above.

Supreme under Alan is great, just don’t read the later McFarlane version after Alan left as I have a feeling you will find it as ‘bleh’ as I did. If you can get hold of it Alan’s ‘Marvelman’ (retitled Miracleman in the states due to er a certain comics company complaining) is well worth a go but it’s hard to find.

Few mere mortals can measure up to the boundless creativity of Alan Moore. Big shoes to fill indeed. I really enjoyed his “Top Ten” books. They’ve made me look at the world in a somewhat different way.

I’ve also been reading “Watchmen” but find it too dark for my taste. Also I don’t like the artwork even though it is aspiring to a classic look, which is normally my taste. Perhaps it’s the inking, but it looks too scratchy to me.

And back to the topic of this thread, it’s too bad they don’t make a movie version of “Watchmen” (ha, ha).

Although a big Superman fan I never could totally heap praise on the Christopher Reeve films, even the first one. Too much adolecent corny junk with Luthor and Otis and Lois Lane had zero sex appeal. Like most into the genre I’ve seen almost all of them and Iron Man is a decent standout.

I like other types of “superheroes” too. The Six Million Dollar Man from the 70s was not a theatrical film (the pilot), but I liked the concept and have been always been a fan. The later tv series episodes catered to 12 year old which lost me. Film makers need to do something big with this charactor. Of course he will be the "1 Billion Dollar Man "possibly. At one time I heard Jim Carey was going to do a comedic version of SMDM but I never saw anything of it, thankfully. Lots of material to work with if they stick to the original premise.

Indeed of the silliness they did make yes. Alan has not been served terribly well by those who adapt his work. I

I had high hope for John Carter which I think you could say is in a sense as superhero movie as John Carter and the old pulp heroes are the spiritual fathers of the superheros, but that movie really let me down.

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