Favourite Superhero Films?

Jesus of Nazareth

She’s not supposed to. She’s a spunky girl next door type originally.

That “sex appeal” is a modern interpretation that didn’t really exist when the Reeves films were made.

Spunky next door types can have sex appeal. But to really address your statement, are you writing about the Lois Lane of “Action Comics” numbers one through the early years or the LL of Supermans own entitled comic book of the seventies?

A “good looking” LL existed in the seventies comics. The “modern interpretation” was already in play when “Superman The Movie” was made.

“Superman the Movie” appealed to fans of the Golden/Silver Age, of which Richard Donner himself was one. It presented Superman as being as powerful as he was in the late Golden to early Silver age(withstanding heat from the earth’s core, having the ability to turn back time, etc).

That’s also why Luthor was both the chief villian, and also the chief source of comedic relief. And of cause not to mention the Black and White theatre curtain opening sequence, immediatly bringing the Golden Age(of both comics and films, even the old DC comics Superhero film shorts of the 40s) to mind.

Yes, but as you point out, everything IS NOT consistent from the Golden/Silver comics. Superman’s “Fortress Of Solitude” was not called FOT until Superman #58.

My main point was that you were incorrect in saying there was not a modern interpretation of Lois Lane at the time of Superman The Movie. There was, in the 70s Superman comics.

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My favourite has to be The Incredible Hulk series starring Bill Bixby as the mild-mannered scientist, David Banner, who travels from town to town in search of a cure for his strange ‘affliction’. Along the way he finds many action-packed adventures that require his heroic abilities and his alter-ego’s immense strength and power.

The series, which ran for some five seasons, was jolly heartwarming stuff and it was really exciting to watch David Banner transform into the uncontrollable and enraged Hulk, played with such aplomb by Lou Ferrigno. Moreover, Dr. Banner was the epitome of goodness and a true champion of justice. He was also the perfect gentleman to boot and, not surprisingly, was extremely popular with the ladies. Indeed, in the two hour premiere to open the second season, he actually got married to a beautiful psychiatrist (Mariette Hartley) who agrees to take Banner on as a ‘hypnosis patient’ - then as a husband after they fall for each other.

They certianly do not make series of this fine calibre anymore. The show was a prime example of wholesome fantasy where good always unmistakably triumphed over evil. No salacious content, ‘nerd humour’ or gratuitous violence here, just clean innocent action-filled entertainment that left you with a happy feeling within. Sadly, today’s TV shows are mostly inferior affairs as regards quality, with puerile dialogue and a poorly written plot line. Why, sometimes it is virtually impossible to work out the interrelationship of the main events in a film of TV show and afterwards you have to ask, “and what was all that about?”.

No, dear friends, give me the old classic TV/films of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s any day of the week, for there you will mostly find culturally healthy entertainment that will not make you blush or want to reach for the off switch. My wife and I seldom watch modern films or TV shows since they tap into the immorality of our decadent age and by so doing stimulate further demand for yet more filth. So glad that old series like The Incredible Hulk, The Fugitive and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea are now available on DVD. You will never better this sort of stuff, dear friends.

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Will Zorro qualify as a super hero on this thread? If so, he’s getting my vote.:thumbsup:

#1 Batman Begins. A realistic and believable flick with good acting,better story and interesting characters, while being reasonably faithful to the comics.( Didn’t care for Dark Knight mostly because they made the characters way different from the comics particularly joker.)
#2 Captain America. An excellent character displaying true courage, a sense of morals and love of country. The whole thing being set in WWII was cool too. A bit cheesy at parts though for my taste.

Incredibles. Fabulous animation. Good plot and family values while not being shy on action.

Batman '89
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
Iron Man 2
Captain America
The Avengers
Ghost Rider
X-Men: First Class
X-Men 1
X-men 2

Captain America.

I rather liked Unbreakable as an examination of the superhero. I may be alone in that, however.

Hellboy’s rosary played a pretty important role in the first Hellboy movie. I’ve heard in the comic books that Hellboy, son of the devil that he might be, is catholic.

You are not, I quote enjoyed it also.

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