Favourite Traditional Catechism

  • Catechism of St. Pius X
  • Roman Catechism of the Council of Trent
  • Baltimore Catechism

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The Baltimore Catechism must be brought back for children it is extremely basic and easy to read once they got rid of the catechism they got rid of good education of the Catholic youth


It has its place, but is not a cure-all. My dad and his seven siblings were raised with the Baltimore Catechism. They memorized it, but did not internalize it. They reached adulthood relatively ignorant of the teachings of the Church.


Its not a cure all but is certainly better than the textbooks today that kids use.


I vote for the tradition Catechism of the Catholic Church as published today. The others mentioned are very nice, but not complete.


The Catechism of St.Pius X.
It’s an easy and summarised version of the Roman Catechism.


The Catechism of the Council of Trent is a larger and more detailed catechism. It is for more thorough study of the holy Catholic faith. However, the Baltimore Catechism is simple and suitable as an introductory one for all whether children or new adult converts alike. The Catechism of St. Pius X is somewhere in between these two in terms of complexity and simplicity.

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I throw my hat in with the Baltimore Catechism crowd, even though the BC was put together in Baltimore, MD by what was then the equivalent of the USCCB (so it’s a distinctly American catechism, far from being a universal catechism). That being said, the BC has the advantage of being very basic, and the answers are easily remembered.

From there I’d recommend either St. Thomas Aquinas’s catechism, or the Catechetical Lectures of St. Cyril of Jerusalem (or was it Alexandria?..).

Regardless, catechetical instruction ought to culminate in a thorough study of the excellent Catechism of the Catholic Church… possibly supplemented by either Butler’s Lives of the Saints and/or The Catechism by Examples.


Catechism of Trent

The true measuring stick.


The Catechisms are not measuring sticks for me. That would have to be, among others, Denzinger Sources of Catholic Dogma and the Dogmatic Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent.


Has anyone read Deharbe’s catechisms?
Or the Controversial Catechism?


It was St. Cyril of Jerusalem who did the Catechetical Lectures and his feast is March 18th - i.e. between St. Patrick & St. Joseph on the Latin calendar.


I voted Baltimore because it’s the only one I know. I have the Roman Catechism of the Council of Trent. It looks very impressive on my bookshelves; however, I’ve barely looked at it. I was unaware of the catechism of Pius X but am now interested in buying it.

EDIT: I have just discovered there is an online copy at EWTN HERE

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