Favvorite Fantasy Saga

One thing I love about fantasy is the abundance of “sagas”. So what’s your favorite?
Mine are:
The Wheel of Time (RIP Robert Jordan :crying: –although Brandon Sanderson is doing a good job of stepping in)
A Song Of Ice and Fire (If you can handle the graphic violence, this is a great soap opera-style story)
Lord of the Rings (gotta list the definitive saga)
Chronicles of Narnia
Harry Potter (yeah I know, what Christian would read this? Just thought I should point out the books are very positive and JK Rowling herself is actually a struggling Christian.)
The Chronicles of Prydain (excellent series. Just ignore the Disney movie.)

I liked The Sword/Elfstones/Windsong of Shanarra. (And I read all of Harry Potter, too!)

Lord of the Rings.

I love JRR Tolkien. :smiley:

Wheel of Time is Great :)

lord of the rings
and recently Terry Goodkinds “Sword of Truth” series (gotta love his characters)

I'd like Sword of Truth more if Goodkind didn't stop the story and start philosophizing for two chapters straight. Ever since Faith of the Fallen, he can't seem to stop.

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