FBI and DOJ agree with DNI Ratcliffe's assessment that Hunter Biden's controversial laptop and emails are NOT part of a Russian disinformation campaign - emails are "authentic"

The repair man tried to contact Hunter to return it but got no response before he even looked at it & only did after it became his property & Hunter never paid him.

Unbelieveable that people are more concerned by the repair man looking at what was on the hard drive than the actual emails exposing corruption & disgusting explicit images.

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The false claim that it is an attempt to portray it as untrue and Russian disinformation. But you are right that no parties involved have claimed any of the emails or other material from HB’s laptop are fraudulent or inauthentic.

The hacked material policy is applied in n a biased manner. The Trump tax returns were “hacked.”

Yeah. Delete Tweets regarding the matter. :roll_eyes:

There are actually 6 tweets that would need to be deleted. I do not know that all 6 of them are about this matter. But the tweets that concern this matter can be sent again without invoking a violation.

He did try to return it to Hunter Biden. He received the damaged computers in April 2019 and called 3 or 4 times and no one came to pick them up so he put them aside. After 90 days, the computers are the repair man’s property., they become unclaimed property…

It wasn’t until December that he realized that what was on the hard drive had something about Ukraine and called the FBI. Even then the FBI seemed not interested and did not pursue immediately.

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Why would they want thee NY Post to delete the tweets only to send them again.?

Previously discussed. Lessons from “Back Page.”

Since there are six tweets in question though, it is not known if all the tweets concern this matter.

Do the Tweets incite violence ? Are they obscene or involve children in that way?

No. It is about their reporting on the Biden laptop.

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But what most will hear is “We won’t unlock the NY Post because the story is so damaging to our guy.”

This is the most uncharitable post I have seen ever at CAF. No one ever on this place, except here, has accused another poster of such atrocity.

Please do not ever again accuse another person of being accepting of sexual deviancy. It is a terribly hurtful thing you did. I do not know what was on the hard drive. Initially the narrative was all about email. I later wrote:


True. They certainly don’t want to hurt the Big Guy.


That works if the cops are trustworthy, trust in the FBI is very low for very obvious reasons.

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Only among some groups.

And that is a problem because if people do not trust the FBI to do their job properly, the FBI will have trouble doing their job when they actually try to enforce the law instead of meddling in politics.

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The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree evidently.

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People trusted the FBI in October of 2016 when Comey made an October Surprise about Clinton. Yes?

Trump put Wray in charge of FBI to do his political bidding, then Wray “Did His Job” and now Trump and Republicans are unhappy with Wray.

Do you have a quote to confirm this allegation?
Could the same be said of any president’s appointments?

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Noooooo. I, for one, sure didn’t. It appeared to me Comey was trying to be J. Edgar Hoover who pushed politicians around like chess pieces. And I believe that to this day. I don’t think I’m the only one.

So, apparently, is CNN which refused to carry Wray’s statement about Russian and Iranian disinformation.

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