FBI investigates financial entities for fraud

When the CEO of one of these companies can cash in and walk away with over $400 million dollars, I would hope the FBI would do this.


The people running these firms did not make a big mistake. They were top professionals in their field.

God bless,

good, i think all companies responsible for the financing of automobiles, homes, credit cards, student loans and other types of loans should be investigated.

it is about time they have been exposed for the greedy people they are. how long have they been robbing from the consumers from the financing they gave.

very shameful.

Even from my limited perspective, it appears to me the corruption is so widespread there are not enough beds in all the federal prisons to accommodate all the guilty.

Yep, you nailed it. This corruption seems to be looming beyond belief. (not to mention the vast number of bureaucrats in bed with Wall Street)

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