FBI issued over 4,000 orders of gun retrieval, largest in 10 years


These are Obama numbers but I see this as simply enforcing the rule of law against people who are not legally allowed to own guns.

I don’t see any reports about WHEN the 4000 retrieval orders were issued. This article has the 2016 numbers of FBI background checks, but doesn’t give timeline of the 4000 orders.

The text of the article, including the pressure put upon the FBI to fix this, makes me kinda think the retrieval orders are under the Trump admin.

Remember, the Obama admin mostly ignored federal gun laws.

I’m curious too about the timing.

I fully support such a crack down to enforce the current rule of law, especially straw man purchases. They only have to bring the hammer down on a few of them (with good PR) to start sending the message.

From Obama I only recall one incident making the news. I think a policeman bought a gift gun for his father and was charged for not identifying his father on the form. It may have been technically wrong but he wasn’t funneling guns to criminals, which is where they should make waves so their friends and family won’t take the risk. I thought it bizarre this was one of the few cases they pursued.

The Obama regime failed to enforce the law and wrongly allowed 4,000 purchases/transfers to occur during 2016.

The Trump administration is now trying to repair the damage done.

I suppose he should have written instead “I’m going to sell this to a Mexican drug cartel.” That way, the Obama regime would have had no problem letting it go forward.

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