FBI: Man planned Christmas terror attack for SF's Pier 39


Um, does Everitt Aaron Jameson actually believe in radical Islamic fundamentalism?

Thank goodness his plan was thwarted!

Thank God that Trump and other Republicans have not undermined the FBI.

Just those on top. Not the hardworking agents!

Do you really wan to support no-accounts who disparage people to character whose shoes they do not deserve to tie? Shame.

Do you want to support government employees corrupted by one political party who have weaponized the FBI like they did the IRS? I am not asleep to what has been
happening. My advice is to wake up!

Awake or not, I am afraid that you are in the dark.
You have people with the character of Trump, under investigation, claiming corruption to discoun the investigation. You have people with the character of Mueller, a member of the same party as Trump, leading the investigation. You choose Trump as being the one of greater virtue, and somehow blame this on Democrats.

I realize this sounds good when you hear on conservative radio, but in the light of day, it makes no sense.

No I am not in the dark. I am not being played.

Sad. But better than those who know what nonsense this is and promote it anyway.

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