FBI: Man said Masons 'playing with the world like a game' [AP]


FBI: Man said Masons 'playing with the world like a game’

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Samy Mohamed Hamzeh wanted to shoot up a Milwaukee Masonic event center in the name of Islam because he thought the group that owns it is “playing with the world like a game,” according to federal authorities.

But a member of the fraternal organization, which is not a religion, said Wednesday it isn’t at “the root of some of the world’s problems.”

“We can hardly plan a pancake breakfast,” said Gavin DeGrave, who is a secretary for the Valley of Milwaukee, which includes four Masonic chapters.

Hamzeh, 23, has been charged with unlawfully possessing a machine gun and receiving and possessing improperly registered firearms in what authorities say was a planned mass shooting at a Masonic temple. Some people who know Hamzeh, however, have cast doubt on whether he was capable of such an attack, including a former co-worker who said he smoked a lot of marijuana.


He had a plan to shoot up a Masonic temple, capable or not, he had a machine gun which would be a cause of concern.


If you read other sources, the FBI undercover agent handed him the machine gun under the guise of selling it to him, then they arrested him.

I’m glad they caught him before anyone was hurt.


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