FBI offers $5,000 reward after bacon found at Vegas mosque

You can’t make up stuff like this foxnews.com/us/2015/12/31/fbi-offers-5000-reward-after-bacon-found-at-vegas-mosque.html

                                                         And a good editorial piece 
                                                         EDITORIAL: Bacon left on mosque's doors highlights unequal protection of hate crime laws [reviewjournal.com/opinion/editorials/editorial-bacon-left-mosques-doors-highlights-unequal-protection-hate-crime-laws](http://www.reviewjournal.com/opinion/editorials/editorial-bacon-left-mosques-doors-highlights-unequal-protection-hate-crime-laws)

That editorial is good, so the bacon was actually wrapped around the door handles and that makes a difference?

I can relate some to this as there was some incident I remember where school kids waved bacon at some other kids on a school bus, rather infantile but a bit similar.

And what did they do about the hate crime committed by satanists on Christmas Eve by desecrating a statute of Our Lady in Oklahoma? Nothing. :rolleyes:

Hmmm. Y’ know I seem to remember in that very same city about a month ago, a group of alleged ex- Moslems entered a Catholic Church and disrupted the Mass with their shenanigans, (the Koosha Las Vegas, was it)? and the local police said there was nothing they could do. Must’ve been the bacon. For these cops, now it’s personal.:wink:

I agree, problem is though, if the cops were to treat christians as fairly as some other faiths, they would likely be out of a job the next day…but I dont expect much, after all, anyone who will stand up in defense of an abortion clinic because it is their ‘job’, have made their morals quite clear.

The FBI is over-funded if they have resources to waste on what would be a Class C misdemeanor if this was not a Muslim location. Personally, I would be more than willing to volunteer to clean the mess for them so they would not have to touch the bacon.

Does anyone else here think, if the same offense was given at a place other than a mosque that this would have garnered the resources of the FBI?

I’m a bit surprised by the take of a few here who say, essentially, that hate is justified because the same hate was shown to Christians…somehow I missed that justification in the Gospel message.:shrug:

Yep, because they have.

I’m not sure if people are comparing in regards to hate but more like justice. 5,000 thousand dollars is expensive bacon and … I didn’t look at link so it might have more ugly info but everything here in the USA is about a price tag except for how we are terrorist to our own children in the womb. After 9/11 money became the price tag for life taken by cruel terrorist. Money doesn’t cure sin!

Thats an easy one…the FBI and every other LE agency knows Muslims are about the only religious group that will put up a fight.

I doubt anyone is overly concerned about radical catholics or radical protestants causing too much problems if they feel they are being walked on.

I was going to ask the same thing! :mad:

I think you misunderstood. wrapping bacon around the front doors of a mosque is a hate crime but pouring theatre blood over a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary because Satanists believe Jesus being born of a virgin is a lie is not a hate crime?

Bacon does not deserve this kind of treatment. Many people like bacon and I do too. But, offering $5,000 to find out who had greasy hands is just stupid. :wink:

As of course is childishly using it to offend members of other faiths.

Now lookie there… someone went and wasted a perfectly good pound of tasty bacon…

Yep, we’ve had a few people behave foolishly like this at synagogues and mosques near where i l live In London. A couple were arrested some time back for throwing sausages and bacon into synagogues and mosques and doing this trick of using bacon on the doors of mosques as well. Quite childish and juvenile. Not worth an investigation by your FBI though,the couple doing it here got caught as they were thicker than your average house brick and used their own car to do it in own and several Jews and Muslims noted down the number as the drove away on some occasions.

No one is condoning this act. It stupid but actually pretty harmless.
. They are rightfully pointing out a double standard which actually violates our equal protection under the law clause.
That’s a dangerous position to be in and should be pointed out whenever it occurs.
If you want to continue to read the Gospel it’s essential for you to make these points.

Heres the Oklahoma case, yeah, sounds like hypocrisy to me. :shrug:


Gricol said she wondered if Oklahoma City would issue a similar permit for someone to desecrate an image of Muhammad in front of a mosque.

No, because they aren’t even remotely similar. The Oklahoma case didn’t involve a crime of any kind. The case that is the subject of this thread did involve a crime; vandalism.

So the FBI is offering rewards for muslim vandals then they should offer the same for the Catholic Church or wherever for similar cases such as the OP and disorderly conduct etc.

However thats not quite what we are talking about, Obama and Lynch are talking hate rhetoric and crimes. So yes its hypocrisy.

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