FBI probing past of recently fired Oklahoma man who beheaded woman

That said, it’s not known if Nolen’s religion had anything, at all, to do with what happened Thursday.
The FBI and other investigators, of course, could eventually find some sort of link or tie Nolen to others.
But that hasn’t happened yet. As of Friday, all U.S. law enforcement officials said was that there are no indications linking the Moore attack to terrorism.

Nolen had been incarcerated until March 2013, for possession of a controlled substance, escaping confinement and resisting an officer.
And he had been trying to convert co-workers to Islam.
Lewis also said there may be other information about Nolen’s past, that he could not reveal, that might help explain the incident, and that the FBI had been called in to dig deeper into Nolen’s background.
“Once we started investigating this initially, and started finding some of the things that he had been involved in, some of the things that he had been saying, we immediately contacted the FBI and got them involved,” Lewis told CNN’s Erin Burnett.

Headline: Police: FBI probing past of recently fired Oklahoma man who beheaded woman


Two threads, didn’t see the other, Robert can delete it.:slight_smile: Another interesting thought about desensitized conditioning…


A new low in anti-Muslim American bias - Dean Obeidallah, Editorial, CNN

Probably confused, still, for example…


It brings the bigger question into play on what is Jihad in some form of consensus from Islam. The US intervention is somewhat advocating consensus in the arab region. So I would think by resolving the issue it would go along way here also.

Thankfully the Chief Operating Office had a gun and shot him but apparently not to kill.

Now it is looking like this Nolen fellow had real ties:


Suhaib Webb, an Imam with ties to former Al Qaeda mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki, had also previously been the leader of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, which had been attended by Alton Nolen – the man who on Thursday beheaded a former coworker after recently converting to Islam, Breitbart News has learned. Webb now serves as Imam of the sister organization of the mosque attended by Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Its no wonder we have “low information” people. The use of misleading language has got to be stopped as it is purposely distracting! Describing the mayhem taking place in Oklahoma as “workplace violence”, when the Islamic psycho terrorist took the head of a 24 year old young woman and nearly the life of another by numerous stabbing, is of the worst distraction. Was the psycho just shouting cheers for the home team? Does anyone know the first individual to label this horror “workplace violence”? The name of this person and agency of government? American people need to have the truth told clearly if we are to identify the enemy within and without. Demand accountability all the way up the line I say…

I don’t know about workplace violence when society in general is on high alert. I just came back from the Yale-Army game Gen Odierno and Petraeus were there, I never seen so many first responders. It was a very safe feeling but a high level of drama in the air. I ran into Petraeus in the mens room, I told him not to come too close might be dangerous for me. :smiley:

A contingent of 1,000 cadets, in full dress uniform, will fill the playing field as a salute to the crowd. Four cadets will descend from a helicopter to deliver the ceremonial football for the start of the game The halftime will feature our country’s great national march, played by both bands, The Stars and Stripes Forever. Goosebumps guaranteed!

Gen Odierno tossed the coin with a US sniper on the roof. Goosebumps guaranteed, glad to be home as usual.


What a great day to remember being in the company of two such great Generals!

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