FBI releases Hillary Clinton report


Washington (CNN)The FBI released Friday the notes from Hillary Clinton’s interview with the bureau along with the report the agency put together on its investigation, making the information public after giving it to Congress last month.

The bureau is making the information public in response to numerous Freedom of Information Act requests, including from CNN.

“Today the FBI is releasing a summary of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s July 2, 2016 interview with the FBI concerning allegations that classified information was improperly stored or transmitted on a personal e-mail server she used during her tenure,” the agency said in a statement. “We also are releasing a factual summary of the FBI’s investigation into this matter.”

The bureau said it had redacted “classified information or other material exempt from disclosure under FOIA.”

Fallout from Clinton’s use of a private email server continues to dog the Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign, as her lead over her Republican counterpart Donald Trump has been cut in half since her post convention bounce last month. Trump and other Republicans have stepped up their attacks connecting the emails to questions over whether Clinton gave preferential treatment to donors to her family’s foundation.

At issue is a report that the FBI compiled after interviewing Clinton over her use of a private email server as secretary of state. The FBI had investigated whether any classified information was criminally mishandled in relation to that server.

FBI Director James Comey in July took the unprecedented step of announcing in a press conference the FBI’s conclusion that there was not enough evidence to merit a criminal prosecution, before handing over his findings to the Justice Department.



So Hill claimed that the classification marking © didn’t refer to Confidential material, but thought it was in place for alphabetization? I’d laugh out loud if I was the person she was telling this to. Seriously? That’s her excuse? Apparently there are some gaps between C and U (unclassified) Hill. Please.

Either she is lying, or she is unfit to handle even the lowest level of classified material. Can anyone defend this for the SoS or potential President?


Holiday weekend newsdump. Maybe no one will notice :rolleyes:

FBI: Hillary Clinton Lost Cell Phones with Classified Emails


Someone using Tor breached email account on Clinton server


Clinton told FBI she relied on others’ judgment on classified material


Clinton Told FBI She Couldn’t Recall Key Details 26 Times**



It won’t matter.
She believes herself invincible, as do her followers.



“I can’t recall” says Hillary, once touted as the smartest woman in the world. If she can’t recall her security briefings, lied about how many personal devices she was using, and then cannot find those personal devises (with classified materials on them), this woman has no business running for President. Any person who votes for such a woman as our leader is completely out of their minds.


When a vote for Clinton is a vote for Taco Trucks on every street corner (as that Trump surrogate stated) she really is invincible. Taco Trucks are unstoppable and oh so tasty, especially if they have the street tacos with the verde sauce on them. :smiley:


Yeah. I’m kind of looking forward to the taco trucks. I know where there are a few good ones, but none really near me. One on every corner would be great.

I might just have to vote for Clinton.




No it really is. That’s about all you can do with this election at this point… laugh. Because it’s far past the point of being sad.


Is Gutierrez afraid of his own people or just brainwashed? I wish we had one candidate worth a vote.


Sadly since public opinion elects and that with money protects, she may be all but invincible and the next President getting some more of things she wants :frowning:


I’m a Trump supporter, but this is a laughable moment! :slight_smile:


I don’t fully agree with all this anti immigration rhetoric, but “his” people are probably the legal kind? I know alot of legal immigrants, a slight majority do acknowledge and identify with the legal process. They are against the illegal.


I like trump and will vote for him but I don,t think he will win. I think the “big fix” is in. Nothing Hillary does will surprise me.


Please get it right. Trump is anti-illegal immigration. He completely supports immigration


I don’t want someone for president who has been a senator and Secretary of State and doesn’t know the difference between classified and unclassified material. Hillary is so unqualified to be President of the United States and a poor role model for intelligent women everywhere. She has been very privileged and as far as I am concerned hasn’t really earned any of the positions she has held since leaving the White House. She might portray herself to be a strong and tough white woman, but as my son might say -
dumber than toast! This is so so sad how the real Hillary is being revealed.


Don’t be fooled. She knew the difference between classified and unclassified. Clinton cash was just more important to her than national security.


I have to agree. I think the absent minded old lady act is a diversion. Remember, Slick Willy is her husband.


Probably very true like when referring to cleaning her server she replied “you mean like with a cloth?”.


LOL Right!

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