FBI says California shooters were radicalized for 'some time'


Investigators believe the married couple who massacred 14 people in California last week - a U.S.-born husband and his Pakistani wife - had been radicalized “for quite some time,” but no clues pointing to an international plot have yet emerged, the FBI said on Monday.

Authorities also have evidence that Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and his spouse Tashfeen Malik, 29, had engaged in firearms target practice near their Southern California home within days of last week’s deadly shooting rampage, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The latest disclosures in the FBI-led investigation came as San Bernardino County employees began returning to work under tighter security, five days after Farook, an environmental health inspector for the county, and Malik opened fire with assault-style rifles on a holiday gathering of his colleagues.

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Given their activities, this is pretty obvious.


Link came out broken, I’m guessing because of a missing space. Here it is:



Today the story broke that these murderers got a $28,500 loan from the online lender Prosper in November. I get offers of loans from Prosper every month, but their rates are pretty high. They are not so high if you have no plans to pay back the loan because you are planning a suicide attack, and most Muslims object to paying interest.

It is just one more fact that shows the attack was well planned in advance and used a financing tool that is common among suicide bombers in the Middle East. Some will still continue to search for an explanation that does not include a radical Islamist ideology. Good luck with that.:rolleyes:



I am not surprised. this took some planning. I always wonder what thoughts are going through their minds when the final gun battle takes place. were they thinking of their daughter who would grow up without a mom and dad. maybe they had the daughter just so they would remain more normal and not arouse suspicion.


I think the same, too. I really do wonder about the psychology of people like this. :shrug: It is a very odd case, the daughter, the man working as a county health inspector … and then just flipping out like this.


sad. :frowning: I feel sorry for all those who died and their families with the holidays approaching. sorry for the survivors too and how they were traumatized.


As I was driving with my wife on Sunday that’s mainly what I was thinking too, was that the child was simply a cover for them to appear more normal (as Soviet Spies often did during the Cold War). In which case I frankly hope the family lies to her about who her parents are. I can’t imagine a poor child growing up with no parents being told her parents were Radical terrorist selves as they planned a mass attack that killed over a dozen of their fellow citizens in cold blood for some warped bastardization of their religion. Oh and by the way the only reason they had you was as a cover for themselves, you were nothing more than a means to an end for them.

Something like that would screw a kid up for life if they were told the truth.


yes, very sad! I can’t imagine what her life will be like. how terrible if that was the only reason they had the baby was for cover. the baby is in state custody now and members of the family want to adopt her. it will be interesting to see what the outcome will be.


It hadn’t occurred to me that they may have only had the baby to give
themselves a cover.

Now it appears that Farook’s mother may have known about their terrorist plans
and may be arrested herself.
Poor child, if family members raise her she will find out the truth about her
parents one day.

Didn’t Lee Harvey Oswald and Marina have a baby?
I wonder what happened to him/ her? Their baby would be
about 55 yrs old now !


I think Oswald had two daughters


yes, Owald had 2 daughters.


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